Zoom updates Chat to add personal notes and Meetings to improve email integration

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The institution is readying a whiteboard diagnostic this twelvemonth arsenic good arsenic a collaboration with Oculus Horizons Workrooms.

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Zoom is bringing presumption update accusation from email clients to its chat and gathering country features. The institution announced this and different merchandise quality astatine its Zoomtopia 2021 event. 

The caller features marque it easier to spot who is missing from a gathering and to spot who is retired connected PTO astatine a fixed time. The update includes these changes to Zoom Meetings: 

  • Participant attendance status: If the big has the Google oregon Outlook calendar integration configured, Zoom volition show a database of others invited to the gathering but not yet successful attendance, enabling you to rapidly spot who hasn't joined yet.  
  • Security settings overview: The big and co-host tin cheque the information features successful effect for the meeting. This accusation is accessible done the in-meeting encryption shield, located successful the top-left country of the meeting.  
  • Aligned abstracted audio tracks for section recording: When signaling abstracted audio tracks for a section signaling during a meeting, the audio tracks volition beryllium aligned, truthful each way is successful sync with each different and commencement astatine the aforesaid point. 

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The institution announced these changes to the Chat function:

  • Rich substance formatting: New affluent substance connection capabilities see bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, item and substance color, font size, bulleted and numbered lists, and hyperlinks.
  • Personal notes: A enactment indicating unavailability oregon upcoming PTO tin beryllium configured to show for a acceptable play of clip and to look supra the substance input container erstwhile idiosyncratic is composing a connection to you. 
  • Quote messages: Users tin punctuation circumstantial messages sent successful a channel, which helps debar disorder and eliminates the request for others to scroll up to presumption the archetypal question oregon message. 

The institution announced these changes arsenic good arsenic other quality astatine Zoomtopia past week. The Poly Studio X70 is present shipping arsenic a Zoom Rooms appliance. Also, Zoom Rooms present person afloat capabilities to start, acceptable up and power breakout rooms. Users volition beryllium capable to delegate participants to rooms and edit breakout rooms straight from the controller. The institution besides announced that determination are present 2 cardinal paid Zoom telephone seats successful use.

Other features coming implicit the adjacent period see a distant power diagnostic disposable to aggregate users during a gathering to regenerate the request for the "Next slide, please," cue. Also, Waiting Rooms volition person two-way chat communication. 

The institution is readying a whiteboard diagnostic for aboriginal this twelvemonth to let asynchronous collaboration crossed a scope of devices. Users volition beryllium capable to usage the whiteboard conscionable arsenic they would successful an in-person office. The institution is besides moving with Oculus from Facebook to adhd a Zoom whiteboard integration into Oculus Horizons Workrooms

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