Zoom rolls out two product offerings geared at the hybrid workforce

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Zoom Apps and Zoom Events purpose to fto users bash much with video communications to heighten meetings.


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Zoom has unveiled 2 caller products, Zoom Apps and Zoom Events, designed to heighten collaboration, productivity and amusement for the hybrid workforce. 

Zoom Apps is designed to embed third-party apps wrong the Zoom Meetings and desktop lawsuit experience. Zoom Events is an all-in-one level for creating interactive and immersive virtual events to prosecute audiences, the institution said. 

As the satellite embraces hybrid work, the caller offerings purpose to "enhance the ways successful which we link and collaborate with our colleagues, clients, friends, household members and others, improving productivity and collaboration portion maintaining elements of amusive and well-being," said Eric S. Yuan, laminitis and CEO of Zoom, successful a statement.  

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"Zoom Apps and Zoom Events are captious components successful broadening Zoom's offering and reach," said Roopam Jain, vice president of accusation and communications technologies astatine probe steadfast Frost & Sullivan. "These solutions empower users to execute much with video communications and are a testament to Zoom's absorption of enabling customers to make and turn businesses wholly connected its platform—whether done applications, integrations, events, oregon different services."

Bring your favourite apps to the Zoom platform

Zoom Apps expands the offerings of the Zoom App Marketplace, which already hosts implicit 1,500 third-party integrations. Zoom Apps is designed to fto a idiosyncratic boost productivity and enactment focused connected workflows by incorporating their favourite apps into meetings.

There are implicit 50 Zoom Apps disposable now, ranging from endeavor to user usage cases, including whiteboarding, task management, note-taking and video games, and Zoom said much are successful improvement and volition beryllium disposable soon. Some of the Zoom Apps presently disposable include:

●    Asana: Host purposeful meetings with the quality to make in-meeting enactment items and adjacent steps beforehand truthful teams cognize what is required of them. The gathering person tin besides create, edit and delegate tasks, each without leaving their Zoom Meeting. 

●    Dot Collector: The Dot Collector app allows everyone successful a gathering to stock their position done real-time feedback and polling. Dots are systematically collected, shared and preserved enabling adjustments to beryllium made successful the infinitesimal and implicit time. The Dot Collector aims to foster much inclusive collaboration, transparency and meaningful relationships among colleagues portion empowering individuals with insights that assistance them to unlock their afloat potential.

●    Dropbox Spaces: The extremity of the Dropbox Spaces app is to support everyone connected the aforesaid leafage before, during and aft Zoom Meetings by collaborating successful existent clip successful a single, shared workspace.

 ●   Heads Up!: Heads Up! is simply a crippled by Ellen DeGeneres. Zoom says Heads Up! is the cleanable enactment crippled to play with your colleagues and friends and is simply a amusive mode to walk clip with coworkers portion waiting for meetings to start. The app is developed for Zoom by Ellen Digital and Playco.

●    SurveyMonkey Enterprise by Momentive: Offering surveys and polls disposable straight wrong the Zoom gathering acquisition tin assistance thrust much engaging and inclusive meetings with real-time feedback. SurveyMonkey Enterprise is designed to seizure optimal stakeholder insights from customers, employees and patients—any gathering attendees. The insights tin beryllium utilized to  summation worker engagement, amended the lawsuit oregon diligent acquisition and marque distant meetings much productive.

●    Wellness That Works by WW: Wellness that Works by WW, a person successful value nonaccomplishment and wellness, helps users determination more, devour amended and displacement their mindset with propulsion notifications to basal and stretch, on with a hydration tracker, mindset tools, and go-to recipes. Wellness that Works reinforces WW's credentials successful behaviour alteration subject by helping users physique and support steadfast habits wherever they are, adjacent successful meetings.

Aimed astatine improving the hybrid and virtual lawsuit experiences

Zoom Events gives organizations the quality to make engaging hybrid and virtual experiences. Businesses of each sizes tin usage Zoom Events to negociate and big back-to-back lawsuit sessions from income summits, lawsuit events, commercialized shows and interior events.

Some of the features wrong Zoom Events are lawsuit hubs, dedicated firm virtual lawsuit spaces, customizable registration and networking done a chat-enabled virtual lawsuit lobby. Zoom Events besides allows event-specific reporting astir registration, attendance and summons sales.

OnZoom, the consumer-focused Zoom Events offering, is designed to assistance brands and tiny businesses scope a user assemblage by creating, hosting and monetizing events including fittingness and cooking classes and theatrical presentations.

OnZoom is successful beta and volition beryllium utilized arsenic a spot wherever tiny businesses and entrepreneurs tin big and people events to Zoom's nationalist lawsuit directory, the institution said.

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