World record smashed as Aussies win first gold

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Australia person smashed the satellite grounds successful the last of the women's 4x100m freestyle relay, taking golden successful a clip of 3:29.69.

Three of the 4 women progressive broke their ain erstwhile satellite grounds of 3:30.05, with teen Meg Harris replacing Shayna Jack from that aquatics astatine the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


Bronte Campbell led the contention disconnected with her sister, Cate, providing the anchor limb - Harris and Emma McKeon provided the 2nd and 3rd swims, respectively.

"I could not beryllium prouder of these girls," Cate Campbell said post-race.

"It's been a pugnacious inquire for everyone to get present and to travel distant with a triumph and satellite record, you honestly couldn't person asked for thing better."

Australia women's 4 x 100m relay squad (Getty)

They besides bushed the erstwhile Olympic record, acceptable by the Campbells, McKeon and Brittany Elmslie successful 2016, by astir a second.

Sweden and Great Britain provided immoderate stiff contention implicit the archetypal fractional of the race, but by the clip McKeon was finished successful a blistering clip of 51.35, Australia had a wide pb that Cate Campbell was ne'er a accidental of surrendering.

McKeon's divided was the 5th fastest 100m freestyle clip successful history.

The quartet were speedy to praise Mollie O'Callaghan and Madison Wilson, who swam 2 legs of yesterday's vigor earlier making mode for Cate Cambpell and McKeon successful the final.

"All six of america are portion of this team," McKeon said.

It's the 5th golden for Australia successful this lawsuit successful the past six Olympics. (Getty)

"It's incredible, it's been a agelong clip with this squad and it's been 1 of my favourite memories, being portion of the Australian team, being a portion of this peculiar team," Bronte Campbell said aft the race.

"There's nary feeling similar it," Harris added.

The Aussies finished much than 3 seconds up of the second-placed Canadians, who pipped the USA to metallic by 0.03.

Australia has dominated the lawsuit successful the 21st century, winning golden successful Sydney, Athens, London, Rio, and present Tokyo, on with a bronze successful Beijing.

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