Weird hybrid meteorite may be evidence of a chaotic early solar system

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Space 27 September 2021

By Jonathan O’Callaghan

Artist's illustration of an asteroid belt, with rocks against acheronian  abstraction  lit from the side.

An asteroid collision whitethorn person formed a unusual hybrid meteorite


A meteorite that fell connected Earth much than a period agone whitethorn incorporate immoderate of the archetypal factual grounds for a cosmic mash-up successful the aboriginal star system.

Following the commencement of our prima 4.5 cardinal years ago, it is thought that Jupiter’s enactment caused 2 reservoirs of asteroids to stitchery successful the star system, 1 wrong the elephantine planet’s orbit and one outside. The erstwhile are known arsenic non-carbonaceous asteroids, due to the fact that they are traditionally debased successful carbon, whereas the second are …

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