‘We Just Lost a Piece of Our Life': Retired Police Captain's Home Burglarized

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Burglars targeted a location that belongs to a antheral who spent decades protecting and serving the metropolis of Riverside.

John Carpenter, a retired constabulary captain, was retired of municipality connected Aug. 6 erstwhile helium watched it hap unrecorded connected his Ring camera.

"I was sick to my stomach," helium said.

A radical of burglars took his harmless from his Murrieta home.

"I was reasoning astir each the household memorabilia we had successful that safe. We had our children's babe books, household pictures. We had that successful there."

It besides had astir $20,000 successful cash, passports, ID's and household heirlooms specified arsenic his wife's extended jewelry collection, including his wife, Beth's, parents' wedding rings.

"We conscionable mislaid a portion of our life," helium said.


Local quality from crossed Southern California

Several weapons were besides stolen including an AR-15 and priceless memorabilia from his 31-year vocation astatine the Riverside Police Department wherever helium was a captain.

He besides mislaid each the Riverside Police Department ID badges that helium accumulated done his vocation that helium was redeeming to walk onto his son."

He says the thieves pried unfastened the backmost slider. They ransacked his location and past took his harmless which was bolted to the factual floor. Then they loaded it into a minivan oregon SUV.

The seasoned detective believes the men are portion of a burglary unit that has targeted different homes.

"They enactment blankets implicit question detector lights," helium said.

He's hoping idiosyncratic volition admit them.

"Obviously the dense accent, the language. One fishy disguise was benignant of pulled down look astatine the backpacks," helium said.

"We privation our worldly back.”

He is offering a $5,000 reward for the arrests and convictions of the burglars. If you person immoderate accusation astir them telephone Murrieta police.

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