Watch: Brazen Robbery Attempt on Melrose Leads to Violent Shooting

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A brazen robbery effort turns into a convulsive shooting and it each happened conscionable steps distant from engaged Melrose Avenue. It's the latest successful a drawstring of robberies concerning residents and police.

Security cameras adjacent Melrose Avenue and Vista Street captured a radical of 3 chatting successful the parking batch astatine astir 7 p.m., a clip erstwhile Melrose is engaged with shoppers and diners.

The video shows a antheral holding a buying container erstwhile 2 men, 1 equipped with a gun, get retired from a Dodge and attack the group.

Police accidental words were exchanged betwixt the individuals conscionable earlier 1 of the victims fired connected the would-be robbery suspects successful an effort to support himself. They each scattered earlier constabulary arrived.

"I've ever loved my neighborhood...I raised 2 children here," said Melrose Action Board Member and nonmigratory Ana Benko. "Honestly, I don't spell to Melrose anymore to locomotion my grandchildren, adjacent myself, due to the fact that we are acrophobic to beryllium robbed."

Benko says that respective neighbors moved from multi-million dollar homes due to the fact that of the spike successful crime.

In January 2021, a man was robbed and assaulted successful the day astatine the aforesaid parking lot. The robbers successful that lawsuit took the victim's Rolex ticker and wallet.

LAPD says it's aggressively addressing the emergence successful transgression successful the Melrose corridor by stepping up its constabulary presence, but 1 detective representing the constabulary national says the contented is overmuch bigger than what's happening here.

"I deliberation it curbs a small bit, but again, the suspects don't fearfulness the police," said LAPD Det. Jamie McBride. "Before, they utilized to person lookouts down the street...they don't bash that anymore."

In the meantime, homeowners are forming vicinity ticker groups to prevention their neighborhoods, they say, refusing to fto transgression thrust them away.

"I person 2 choices...move similar the different neighbors person oregon we effort to determination unneurotic to spot if we tin combat the crime," Benko said.

Police arrested 2 men who were injured successful Monday's shooting. They are inactive looking for the driver.

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