Video shows moments after shooting, crash

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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Surveillance video shows the moments aft a shooting and clang connected Chicago's West Side.

In the video, you tin spot the victims carrying a kid to information wrong a fast-food restaurant.

The clang was accelerated and intense.

It each started conscionable earlier 1 p.m. Sunday successful the 100-block of N. Kedzie Avenue, and ended successful the 3200-block of W. Chicago Avenue, according to police.

Surveillance cameras astatine a West Side Popeyes captured the astir airborne interaction arsenic 2 cars collide from other directions.

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Seconds earlier the crash, Popeye's employees said they heard rounds of gunshots.

"My employees, arsenic soon arsenic they heard that, my manager told them to spell little to marque definite to beryllium harmless truthful they don't get changeable due to the fact that they don't cognize wherever the shots were coming from," said the store's wide manager, Lario Arrizai.

Police said idiosyncratic successful this achromatic BMW SUV was firing retired the sunroof, and astatine slightest 2 of those bullets deed a antheral and a pistillate wrong a achromatic sedan.

A achromatic car past skidded disconnected the roadworthy and careened into different car, narrowly missing a enactment of cars successful the drive-thru.

That's erstwhile you spot a pistillate drawback a kid from the backseat of the conveyance and a antheral limping alongside them into the restaurant.

"They person a kid and the kid was screaming due to the fact that they were acrophobic thing was going to hap to her ma due to the fact that your ma was crying," Arriazi said. "The ma got changeable successful her leg."

Popeyes employees called 911 and arsenic the injured brace headed for the hospital, constabulary unopen down the fast-food store for hours to reappraisal the video repeatedly portion employees had to cleanable humor from the shooting that near them feeling uneasy and unsafe astatine work.

Both victims were taken to Stroger Hospital, initially reported successful superior condition.

No 1 is successful custody and country detectives are investigating.

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