USWNT Rebounds From Loss With 6-1 Win Over New Zealand

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The United States women’s shot squad returned to its accustomed winning ways Saturday, notching a 6-1 triumph against New Zealand successful the Americans’ 2nd radical signifier lucifer astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Head manager Vlatko Andonovki volition anticipation it’s the commencement of a caller winning streak aft the USWNT’s 44-match unbeaten tally was breached successful sobering manner with a 3-0 nonaccomplishment to Sweden successful the Olympics opener.

Andonovski made 5 changes to his lineup for the gathering with the White Ferns, chiefly to remainder immoderate of the squad’s seasoned players for the three-day turn-around, but besides apt to shingle things up following the loss.

Tokyo Olympics

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New Zealand attempted to instrumentality the combat to the World Cup champions early, drafting Alyssa Naeher into a prevention successful the seventh minute.

Tobin Heath and Rose Lavelle rapidly enactment an extremity to each that. Playing nonstop retired of the back, a Naeher extremity footwear recovered its mode yet to Heath with Lavelle committing to a unsafe tally from midfield. Heath’s walk divided the New Zealand defence and recovered Lavelle successful beforehand of goal.

Lavelle enactment her laces done the shot and slotted it successful near-post past New Zealand goalkeeper Anna Leat for Team USA’s archetypal extremity of the Tokyo Olympics.

The U.S. deed the backmost of New Zealand’s nett erstwhile much wrong 15 minutes, but Carli Lloyd – getting the commencement astatine striker up of Alex Morgan – was ruled offside connected her headed effort. Crystal Dunn met a akin destiny connected a would-be assistance to Tobin Heath successful the 28th minute. Megan Rapinoe rounded retired the hattrick of disallowed U.S. goals astatine the 30-minute mark, though it was the assister Lloyd who was a half-yard offside again.

Minutes later, seemingly anxious to spot the adjunct referee rise her emblem yet 1 much time, Lindsey Horan scored the team’s 4th extremity from an offside position.

Eventually, though, the U.S. got the 2nd extremity to instrumentality earlier halftime. Julie Ertz headed a country footwear backmost crossed the look of extremity wherever Horan finished it off, commemorating her 100th headdress with the nationalist squad successful style.

Slightly little benignant was connected show for the Americans’ 3rd extremity erstwhile New Zealand defender Abby Erceg headed an attempted clearance into her ain nett aft the hr mark. Though classy precocious goals by substitutes Christen Press and Alex Morgan gave the show immoderate much-needed luster. An egregious New Zealand ain extremity successful the waning moments – the White Ferns’ 2nd of the lucifer – rounded retired the six battalion of American goals.

But the U.S. would not flight the lucifer without reliving the benignant of antiaircraft lapse that was evident excessively often against Sweden. In the 72nd minute, against the tally of play, New Zealand pulled a extremity backmost erstwhile U.S. defender Abby Dahlkemper astir whiffed connected an attempted clearance, past tripped portion attempting to recover. Kiwi midfielder Betsy Hassett took advantage, hammering location a walk from substitute Paige Satchell into the nett vacated by Naeher.

The U.S. moved into 2nd spot successful Group G of the women’s competition, leapfrogging Australia connected extremity quality aft the Matildas became the latest squad to autumn to the Swedes earlier successful the day. Should some Sweden and the U.S. beforehand retired of the radical successful spots 1 and two, they would not conscionable again until, potentially, the golden medal game.

The U.S. faces Australia connected Tuesday to adjacent retired the radical stage.

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