Trump Is So Toxic That Glenn Youngkin Doesn’t Want To Campaign With Him

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Youngkin said that helium appreciates Trump’s endorsement, but his contention is his own, and helium made it wide that helium thinks Trump would wounded him with Democrats and Independents.


EXCLUSIVE: Glenn Youngkin told america Saturday nighttime that helium appreciates Donald Trump’s endorsement, but doesn’t privation to run with him… #VAgov

— Lauren Windsor (@lawindsor) October 18, 2021

Youngkin said successful the video supra that portion helium appreciates Trump’s endorsement, his contention his own, and talked astir however his run is each astir Virginia, dissimilar Terry McAuliffe, who helium accused of bringing successful “crazy people” who person thing to bash with Virginia to run for him.

One of those “crazy people” is First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, who has taught successful the authorities for much than a decade.

Trump Is Toxic That Youngkin Is Worried That He Will Destroy His Campaign

Youngkin could person easy said that helium looks guardant to campaigning with Trump, but instead, helium tried to minimize Trump and speech astir however galore antithetic Virginians enactment him.

Glenn Youngkin is losing this election, and helium knows that bringing successful Donald Trump to the authorities volition origin Democrats and Independents to flock to the polls to ballot against.

Youngkin’s connection to Trump was acknowledgment for the endorsement but don’t travel anyplace adjacent maine successful Virginia.

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