Tribute concert held for killed music promoter

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Wichita’s euphony country held a tribute Saturday nighttime astatine the cotillion to grant and rise wealth for Kenny Ballinger’s family. Kenny Ballinger was a section euphony promoter who was killed successful a hit-and-run successful August.

More than 30 bands performed astatine the performance Saturday nighttime to grant the precocious promoter. Ballinger owned Barleycorns and the Elbowroom and was known for ever trying to assistance up-and-coming musicians.

A person of Kenneth’s, Alex Anthemides, stated, “It’s a tribute to his beingness and what helium brought to everyone. He helped truthful galore radical out.”

“I don’t deliberation anyone could beryllium prouder. He was a large antheral successful this city. It’s beauteous to spot helium brought each these radical together. Everyone is having fun,” said Kenneth’s dad, Bruce Ballinger.

The proceeds from Saturday’s performance volition spell to a spot money for his young lad and wife. 31-year-old Jesus Olave was arrested and charged successful the case.

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