Trevor Bauer to Invoke the Fifth Amendment in Restraining Order Case

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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer intends to invoke his Fifth Amendment close against self-incrimination and volition reply nary questions successful the lawsuit of a pistillate seeking a five-year restraining bid against him, his lawyer said successful tribunal Wednesday.

Bauer's lawyer Shawn Holley told a justice the lone questions helium volition reply are “his sanction and what helium does for a living,” and cited a pending transgression probe by constabulary successful Pasadena, California.

The ineligible squad seeking the bid for a pistillate who says Bauer choked her into unconsciousness and punched her successful 2 intersexual encounters said that Bauer was the past remaining witnesser they intended to telephone astatine the hearing.

Holley asked Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman to let Bauer to debar taking the basal entirely, arsenic defendants successful transgression cases do.

Normally successful civilian matters, a witnesser would invoke the Fifth Amendment connected a question-by-question basis.

Gould-Saltman adjourned the proceeding for the day, saying she would work ineligible precedents provided by Holley and contented a determination Thursday morning. The justice whitethorn besides contented her determination connected the home unit restraining bid connected Thursday, aft proceeding last arguments from the 2 sides.

Bauer, who is warring the bid and has said done representatives that everything that happened betwixt him and the 27-year-old San Diego pistillate was consensual, has attended each 3 days of the proceeding and had been expected to instrumentality the stand.


Local quality from crossed Southern California

Most of the proceeding has consisted of grounds from the pistillate herself, on with little appearances connected the basal from the caregiver who gave her a intersexual battle exam aft the 2nd encounter, a doc called by Bauer's squad to analyse those findings, and the woman's champion friend.

Major League Baseball enactment Bauer, 30, connected paid administrative permission connected July 2, a fewer days aft the pistillate was fixed a impermanent restraining bid until grounds could beryllium heard, arsenic is communal successful specified matters.

In her 3rd time connected the witnesser basal Wednesday, the pistillate said that the restitution she expressed to friends erstwhile the lawsuit archetypal went nationalist was a absorption to her attraction by the media, not happiness that she was taking down the Dodgers pitcher.

“It felt bully to not spot maine slut-shamed close disconnected the bat,” the pistillate said nether cross-examination from Holley, who work from her substance messages sent astatine the time.

“Media is freaking out. On my side,” 1 of the woman's texts read. “It’s the champion happening I could person hoped for.”

Holley asked, “What does the media freaking retired person to bash with your safety?”

The pistillate replied that she had felt Bauer's representatives had shamed her with a connection saying the nights the 2 spent were wholly consensual, and she was blessed to spot that the media, and the nationalist connected societal media, were not attacking her.

Holley asked the pistillate wherefore she felt she needed extortion from Bauer erstwhile helium had made nary interaction with her successful astir a period erstwhile she filed for the order.

“That was what disquieted me,” the pistillate replied, saying Bauer's soundlessness aft perpetually checking connected her successful the days pursuing the 2nd incidental made her fearfulness helium was readying thing and whitethorn question her retired successful San Diego.

“Did you person immoderate crushed to judge helium was going to travel to your location 130 miles away?” Holley asked.

“Yes, I did," she said.

Holley besides pointed retired lies that the pistillate acknowledged telling her closest friends successful texts astir erstwhile and wherever the meetings with Bauer happened.

The pistillate said that 1 person had warned her not to spell to Bauer's location successful Pasadena, truthful she told her the archetypal brushwood happened successful San Diego. Another person was 1 of her bosses, the pistillate said, and she had to prevarication astir the timing of the 2nd Bauer nighttime due to the fact that she had called successful sick.

Holley besides asked the pistillate wherefore she had acknowledged successful messages that she was watching Bauer's games contempt saying she wanted thing to bash with him.

“You person testified antecedently that you had to delete each your communications with him," Holley asked, ”but you inactive wanted to ticker him pitch, right?"

“Possibly,” the pistillate answered.

The Associated Press does not typically place radical who accidental they person been victims of intersexual assault.

Bauer agreed to a $102 million, three-year declaration to articulation his hometown Dodgers earlier this twelvemonth aft winning his archetypal Cy Young with the Cincinnati Reds past season.

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