‘They Are Not Safe:' As Chaos Unfolds in Afghanistan, SoCal Residents Worry About Family Still There

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The Taliban completed their takeover of Afghanistan with a expanse of the superior metropolis connected Sunday, and the show of desperate Afghanis attempting to fly the country has impacted galore successful the United States.

But for refugees already settled successful Southern California, the stakes are adjacent higher, arsenic they interest astir the information of household members near connected the different broadside of the world.

Wahidullah Asghary is simply a erstwhile translator and bureau manager for the Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program astatine the Joint Afghan Training Center successful Kabul, Afghanistan. As a U.S. employee, helium worked to get his household of six retired of the state since 2016.

He arrived successful Los Angeles past September.

"Anyone who works with the U.S. members successful Afghanistan, they are not harmless there," Asghary said. "The guys who enactment for the U.S., they are astatine precocious menace and risk.”

Thousands of Afghanis person tried to flight the country, including Asghary's aged parents. Now, he's near connected U.S. ungraded to interest astir what's happening connected the ungraded helium called location each his life.

"Borders are closed and they can’t spell anyplace else," helium said. "The lone mode is to instrumentality a level and alert away."

"Each 1 of them, they are not safe."

Other SoCal residents are doing each they tin to assistance Afghanis successful need.

Miry Whitehill is an Eagle Rock ma and the laminitis of Miry's List, a nonprofit that helps resettle refugees successful LA and crossed the country. According to her, the events successful Afghanistan present are profoundly idiosyncratic for the families they help.

"This makes a transformative difference," Whitehill said of the assistance her enactment provides. "And this is what we bash astatine Miry’s List each azygous day. We enrolled 8 families from Afghanistan successful the past 6 days unsocial and we expect we’re going to spot an summation successful the request for our services.”

Volunteers, moving successful her backyard connected Monday, worked to administer donated apparel and schoolhouse supplies to exile families. And online, Miry's List has started an exigency money for what they expect volition beryllium an influx of caller Afghan refugees successful need.

For galore of those families to come, Asghary volition beryllium 1 of the faces welcoming them, present helping Miry's List resettle different similar his ain with their motto — "Ana Huna," which means "I'm Here."

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