The Plot Deepens As Trump Coup Plotter Tried To Buy Off State GOP AGs

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The aforesaid Republican mega-donor who provided astir of the backing for the 1/6 Trump rally besides gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Republican authorities AGs relation for 1/6.

There Was A Coordinated Effort On 1/6 To Overturn The Election On Multiple Levels.

The Washington Post reported:

A affluent Trump donor who helped concern the rally successful Washington connected Jan. 6 besides gave $150,000 to the nonprofit limb of the Republican Attorneys General Association, records show, funds that a idiosyncratic acquainted with the publication said were intended successful portion to beforehand the rally. The nonprofit organization paid for a robocall touting a march that day to the U.S. Capitol to “call connected Congress to halt the steal.”

On Dec. 29, Julie Jenkins Fancelli, girl of the laminitis of the Publix market store chain, gave the antecedently undisclosed publication to RAGA’s nonprofit Rule of Law Defense Fund, oregon RLDF, records reviewed by The Washington Post show. On the aforesaid day, the records amusement that Fancelli gave $300,000 to Women for America First, the “Stop the Steal” radical that obtained a licence for the rally featuring erstwhile president Donald Trump.

The AG Buyoff Was About More Than Promoting A Rally

The coup crippled progressive stopping the certification of the predetermination to let an injunction to beryllium filed that would effect successful the predetermination being sent backmost to the states wherever their delegations successful the House would ballot to reelect Trump.

The plotters needed the authorities GOP AGs connected their broadside to combat the authorities lawsuits that would person arisen to certify the election.  Republicans were acceptable to deploy their AGs to overturn an predetermination astatine the authorities level for Trump.

The 1/6 Attack Was Not Spontaneous. It Was Part Of A Planned Coup

Trump had been suggesting for months earlier Election Day that the predetermination would beryllium stolen from him.  One suspects that the wheels had been successful question for this coup crippled earlier Donald Trump mislaid to Joe Biden.

Part of the investigative enactment of the 1/6 Committee volition beryllium to enactment unneurotic each of the pieces to overgarment a elaborate representation of who was involved, what they did, and however the onslaught connected the Capitol is linked to the coup.

The crippled is thickening, and it looks similar the onslaught connected America goes overmuch deeper than the Trump medication and Republicans successful Congress.

There is an ongoing statement implicit whether oregon not the DOJ and the 1/6 Committee are dragging their feet, but fixed what is being revealed astir daily, the size and scope of the coup crippled are huge.

Investigations are ongoing, and grounds is being gathered. Justice rushed does not adjacent justness delivered.

What the federation is facing is simply a Republican Party that has declared warfare connected democracy.

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