Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Tests Positive for COVID-19

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Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott tested affirmative for COVID-19 Tuesday, his bureau says, conscionable a time aft attending a crowded indoor run lawsuit successful North Texas.

Mark Miner, the governor's communications director, issued a connection Tuesday day saying the politician is tested for the microorganism regular and that connected Tuesday helium had a affirmative result.

"Governor Abbott is afloat vaccinated against COVID-19, successful bully health, and presently experiencing nary symptoms," Miner said, adding that Abbott is receiving Regeneron's monoclonal antibody treatment.

Abbott, of late, has drawn plentifulness of disapproval for his handling of the pandemic and has been taken to tribunal by respective section jurisdictions implicit his enforcement bid banning disguise mandates statewide. The mandate has travel nether dense occurrence arsenic the delta variant continues to dispersed crossed the authorities and arsenic hundreds of thousands of children caput backmost to schoolhouse this month, galore of whom are excessively young to beryllium vaccinated.

Abbott has recommended vaccinations arsenic a idiosyncratic prime but refuses to necessitate look masks oregon vaccines arsenic a mitigation effort to halt the dispersed of the microorganism contempt those recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and different wellness authorities.

Miner said the politician volition isolate successful the Governor's Mansion and volition proceed to trial daily.

Abbott's bureau did not accidental wherever helium whitethorn person picked up the virus, but connected Monday the politician was campaigning successful Collin County. Photos tweeted by the politician amusement him among a large, unmasked assemblage that had filled a reception room.

Another lasting country lone lawsuit successful Collin County tonight.

Thank y’all for the enthusiastic reception.

Let's support this vigor up and nonstop a connection that Texas values are NOT up for grabs successful 2022. pic.twitter.com/wlPZyrHpx3

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) August 17, 2021

A video shared by Texans for Abbott showed the politician connected the level of the event, surrounded by unmasked supporters and posing for photographs.

On Tuesday, conscionable 2 hours earlier quality of his affirmative trial was released, Abbott shared photos of him adjacent to Jimmie Vaughn, member of Stevie Ray Vaughn, though it's not instantly wide erstwhile the photograph was taken.

Contract tracing was done, Miner said, and those who had been successful adjacent interaction with the politician person been notified of his infection. Abbott's wife, Cecilia Abbott, tested negative.

Miner added that Abbott "is successful changeless connection with his staff, bureau heads, and authorities officials to guarantee that authorities authorities continues to run smoothly and efficiently."

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