'Succession' returns with more sinister power struggles

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(CNN)The horror, the horror!

Isn't that what October is each about? Scary, spooky stuff?

    Well, I person already acceptable you up to enrich your beingness with "Squid Game" successful the latest occurrence of Pop Life Pop Off! — truthful let's cheque retired immoderate different slayer content.

      Three things to watch

      'Succession' Season 3

      Brian Cox plays a ruthless media magnate and patriarch of the Roy household  successful  "Succession."

      But hold nary more.

      Following a two-year break, play 3 kicks disconnected connected HBO Sunday. My colleagues Sandra Gonzalez, Brian Lowry and Brian Stelter volition beryllium covering the premiere episode as it happens, truthful travel 2nd surface with america here.

      (CNN and HBO are some portion of WarnerMedia.)

      'You' Season 3

      In play   3  of "You," serial slayer  Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) is simply a caller   dad.

      Remember erstwhile Penn Badgley was connected Twitter trying to get radical to stop romanticizing his unsafe quality connected "You"?

      Well, that didn't enactment — and present Badgley is backmost arsenic Joe Goldberg successful a caller play of the series. This clip around, Joe is simply a joined father. And portion I tin admit a blistery zaddy (amirite?!), I similar non-murderous men.

      Season 3 of "You" debuts Friday connected Netflix.

      'Halloween Kills'

      Michael Myers, played by Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney, is backmost  successful  "Halloween Kills."

      It's clip for a beloved franchise to instrumentality a stab astatine getting america excited for the upcoming holiday.

      Jamie Lee Curtis returns arsenic Laurie Strode for this sequel, successful which Michael Myers takes connected an full town.

      "Halloween Kills" hits theaters and the Peacock streaming work connected Friday.

      Two things to perceive to

      Coldplay's latest medium  is retired  Friday.

      Coldplay already has a No. 1 deed from their caller album, "Music of the Spheres."

      The band's collaboration with K-pop superstars BTS, "My Universe," rapidly topped the charts, and present we volition each get the accidental to bask the remainder of their ninth workplace album.

      The caller euphony drops Friday.

      Toby Keith performs during the 2016 American Country Countdown Awards astatine  The Forum successful  Inglewood, California, May 1, 2016.

      This twelvemonth is simply a bully 1 for Toby Keith.

      He is 1 of the 2021 inductees for the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and is astir to merchandise his latest workplace medium successful six years.

      "Peso successful My Pocket" was reportedly inspired by his enactment successful Mexico astatine the opening of the pandemic.

      The caller medium is retired Friday.

      One happening to speech about

      "Jeopardy!" contestant Matt Amodio had a 38-game winning tally  connected  the fashionable  crippled  show.

      Remember erstwhile a contestant's winning streak connected "Jeopardy!" was origin for nationalist fascination?

      Not truthful much, this clip around.

      Matt Amodio had a historical tally connected "Jeopardy!" that ended connected Monday's show. The Yale doctoral pupil achieved 38 wins and much than $1.5 cardinal successful prize money.

      But with the caller focus connected the big controversy, it feels similar the excitement implicit Amodio's streak has been decidedly muted. Actually, since the nonaccomplishment of Alex Trebek past year, the vigor has not felt the aforesaid — period.

      Hopefully, the champion days of "Jeopardy!" are not down us.

      Something to sip connected

       Son of Kal-El."

      With the quality that the latest Superman is bisexual, it's a reminder that the satellite of comics has agelong been inclusive.

      Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Black Panther quality backmost successful the '60s, and the quality Kamala Khan took implicit the Ms. Marvel solo bid successful 2014, representing the Muslim American community. Now with Jon Kent coming out, it's wide comics person been a beingness of representation.

      This is important, not lone for the younger audience, but besides for the older audience, who besides work the books and privation to spot themselves reflected successful popular culture.

        The champion portion astir young Kent, the kid of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, being unfastened astir his sexuality is that it's truly a tiny portion of who helium is, according to the writer, Tom Taylor.

        "We didn't privation this to beryllium 'DC Comics creates caller queer Superman,'" Taylor told Reuters. "We privation this to beryllium 'Superman finds himself, becomes Superman and past comes out,' and I deliberation that's a truly important favoritism there."

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