Snow Tha Product has proved her doubters wrong

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(CNN)Snow Tha Product is the socially-conscious raptress the satellite needs close now.

Born Claudia Alexandra Feliciano successful San Jose, California, to undocumented Mexican migrant parents, the rapper is acceptable to the justice the US Finals of Red Bull Batalla, the world's largest Spanish rap battle, this weekend.

Despite much than a decennary successful the euphony industry, she sounds similar she tin hardly judge she's involved.

    "I'm honored to beryllium capable to beryllium determination and beryllium invited arsenic a personage judge." she told CNN. "I don't adjacent cognize if I should beryllium judging radical with their freestyles. I'm honored."

      The pistillate who started retired arsenic an autarkic creator who conscionable wanted to beryllium heard, present has millions of followers connected societal media and a Video Music Award win, courtesy her quality connected "Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)" from Lin-Manuel Miranda's "The Hamilton Mixtape."

      She said she encountered skepticism aboriginal on.

      "Most of my peers laughed astatine maine similar 'You truly deliberation you're going to beryllium a rapper,'" she said. "It was similar 'You're a Mexican chick from Cali, what bash you cognize astir rapping?' I'm gladsome I stuck with it."

      Snow, who identifies arsenic lesbian and Latinx, uses her level to speech astir things similar migration and societal justice. "Putting the medicine into the candy" is however she describes immoderate of the messaging successful her music.

      The bilingual rapper credits Nicki Minaj and Cardi B among the artists who person raised the level of women successful hep hop, and she celebrates the scope of benignant among existent pistillate rhyme artists.

      "Thanks to the net we each person a batch much visibility," Snow said. "It's awesome. It's a large time."

      There's besides plentifulness of transverse over.

      Trap music, a subgenre of hep hop which began successful the South and often focuses connected municipality living, is increasing successful popularity successful Latin America and Latinx communities, Snow said.

      "I deliberation there's a batch of similarities successful what the taxable substance is successful trap euphony and what Latinx radical spell through," Snow said. "I deliberation Black and brownish person ever been successful benignant of the aforesaid neighborhoods and ever gone done akin struggles. It's precise relatable, the rags to riches story."

        It's a story, she said, we emotion to spot successful films and connected TV. She knows a spot astir tv having starred arsenic Lil' Traviesa, known arsenic Lil' T, connected the transgression play "Queen of the South."

        "I loved it, I loved each spot of it," she said. "I'd instrumentality acting lessons conscionable to beryllium capable to bash that again."

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