Skeletal Remains Found a Week Ago Positively ID'd as Those of Missing Woman

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Skeletal remains recovered a week agone during a hunt of the Ballona Wetlands and Ballona Creek person been positively identified by the coroner's bureau arsenic those of a pistillate who was past seen successful December, constabulary said Friday.

The remains were those of Kolby Story, 32, who was past seen connected Dec. 7, 2020 successful the Venice/Mar Vista area, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Authorities recovered the remains connected July 16 portion searching a astir 600-acre country of the Ballona Wetlands and Ballona Creek adjacent Marina del Rey pursuing the find of idiosyncratic items belonging to Story, the LAPD reported.

According to Story's family, Kolby was astatine Venice Beach the evening of Dec. 6 and called a person asking for assistance uncovering her car keys, which she had mislaid connected the beach. They recovered the car keys and Story got successful her car astir 2 a.m. Dec. 7 to thrust location to Mar Vista, but ne'er made it home.

Her car was aboriginal discovered successful a Marina del Rey impound lot. The car, with a level tire, had been towed from a parking batch adjacent a Ralphs market store successful Marina del Rey.

On July 16, unit from the LAPD and the California Office of Emergency Service, Fire and Rescue Division, including canine teams, conducting the search, and members of Story's household besides took part.

Police said the hunt was prompted by the find of immoderate of Story's idiosyncratic property, which had been recovered successful the country and turned implicit to police.

Anyone with accusation connected the lawsuit was urged to telephone the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division astatine 213-486-6890, oregon 877-LAPD-247.

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