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By George Vlotis and Melanie Dinjaski

US gymnastics leader Simone Biles has expressed her appreciation for the enactment she has received since her shock withdrawal from the Olympics this week to absorption connected her intelligence health.

The 24-year-old US star, considered to beryllium arguably the top gymnasts of each time, was seen huddling with a trainer aft landing awkwardly disconnected the vault during the squad lawsuit successful Tokyo. She past exited the contention level with the squad doctor.

After archetypal reports of an ankle injury, it was aboriginal revealed that Biles had been struggling with her intelligence wellness passim the Games, truthful overmuch truthful that she made the heartbreaking determination to measurement speech retired of fearfulness costing the USA a medal.

Simone Biles of USA astir falls during the gymnastics creator Women's Team Final. (Getty)

There person been immoderate cruel reactions slamming Biles for "quitting" but the bulk of the planetary sports assemblage person rallied astir the gymnast and backed her determination to prioritise her intelligence health.

Today Biles wrote however moved she had been by the effect to her intelligence wellness conflict successful a abbreviated connection posted connected Twitter.

"The outpouring emotion and enactment I've received has made maine realise I'm much than my accomplishments and gymnastics, which I ne'er genuinely believed before," she said.

The tweet was promptly retweeted, liked and commented connected by hundreds of thousands of sympathetic fans.

At the Tokyo Games, Biles is not the lone Olympic jock to frankly admit they were not coping with the pressures of the competition, and volunteered to measurement speech for their ain intelligence wellness - an country of nonrecreational sports which has been identified arsenic a superior contented nowadays.

"Mental wellness implicit the past 18 months is thing radical are talking about," swimming fable Michael Phelps said connected NBC's sum aft Biles' withdrawal.

"We're quality beings. Nobody is perfect. So yes, it is OK not to beryllium OK.

Simone Biles of Team US reacts during the Women's Team Final (Getty)

"The easiest mode for maine to accidental this is athletes, and Olympic athletes successful general... we request idiosyncratic who we tin trust, idiosyncratic that tin fto america beryllium ourselves and listen. Allow america to go vulnerable. Somebody who's not going to effort to hole us.

"We transportation a batch of value connected our shoulders, and it's challenging.

"Especially erstwhile we person the lights connected america and each of these expectations that are being thrown connected apical of us.

"I anticipation this is an eye-opening experience, I truly do.

The United States squad with their metallic medals connected the podium, Jordan Chiles, Simone Biles, Grace. McCallum and Sunisa Lee (Getty)

"I anticipation this is an accidental for america to leap connected board, and to adjacent stroke this intelligence wellness happening adjacent much wide open. It is truthful overmuch bigger than we tin ever imagine.

"It's truthful important, particularly to thatch kids astatine a young age, to instrumentality power of their carnal and intelligence health.

"You guys perceive maine speech astir that truthful overmuch - if we're not taking attraction of both, however are we ever expecting to beryllium 100 per cent?"

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