Sheriff says video shows hazing 'assault'

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UPDATE: Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton held a quality league Tuesday to supply an update connected the transgression probe into an alleged hazing incidental by 5 Hot Spring High School shot players.

The sheriff said investigators uncovered Snapchat video of the staged incidental successful which 4 shot players pinned a younger subordinate down successful the locker country portion an 18-year-old subordinate placed his unclothed genitalia and buttocks connected apical of the younger player's face.

"We person to nonstop a connection that it volition not beryllium tolerated," the sheriff told reporters arsenic helium indicated that the probe has recovered determination were anterior incidents involving immoderate of the aforesaid "assault" participants. The alleged perpetrators successful each the cases were upperclassmen, portion the victims were underclassmen, helium added.

Hamilton said helium is presently consulting with the territory lawyer to find what charges volition beryllium filed. He noted the 18-year-old subordinate could look an big complaint of criminals intersexual interaction with a minor, portion the 4 different players progressive successful the hazing incidental could look juvenile charges of mendacious imprisonment.

The sheriff said it appeared the coaching unit had nary cognition oregon engagement successful the alleged assault, though the caput manager has resigned and the team's past 2 games of the play were cancelled by schoolhouse officials.

ORIGINAL REPORT: TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, New Mexico -- As the Truth oregon Consequences Municipal Schools territory investigates allegations of hazing that could effect successful transgression charges, the Hot Spring High School Tigers person had the remainder of their shot play canceled.

“This was not conscionable a prank," Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton told ABC-7 connected Monday. "This was not conscionable a clump of boys taking towels and popping each different astir the locker room. This was an idiosyncratic who was held down against his will.”

Hamilton said 5 shot players pinned a sixth younger subordinate down successful the locker country connected Oct. 19. He said an 18-year-old subordinate placed his unclothed genitalia and buttocks connected apical of the younger player's face.

“These were not schoolyard antics," Hamilton said. "This was not thing that should beryllium dismissed arsenic ‘boys volition beryllium boys.’"

But the begetter of the 18-year-old maintained to ABC-7 that his kid did person apparel connected astatine the clip of the incidental and was precise captious of however the schoolhouse territory and sheriff's bureau are handling the investigation.

"It’s precise upsetting," said Rudy Flores. "Oh, it’s precise disturbing. Especially to cognize that his owed process has been violated. It’s not right.”

No charges had been filed arsenic of Monday, but the Sheriff's Office scheduled property league for Tuesday greeting to sermon the case. In addition, the T oregon C schoolhouse committee met successful enforcement league connected Monday evening astir the incident.

In a connection provided to ABC affiliate KOAT, schoolhouse Superintendent Channell Segura said:

"The T oregon C Schools places its students’ information and well-being arsenic its highest priority. The District cannot remark connected confidential pupil oregon unit matters, but volition respond accordant with its policies and successful the champion interests of the students and community."

The Sheriff's Office has indicated it is "prepared to record immoderate due charges which whitethorn beryllium warranted."

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