'Selling Sunset' levels up the drama and houses in Season 4

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(CNN)Ask Mary Fitzgerald astir the caller season of "Selling Sunset" and she tells you some the play -- and the houses -- are bigger and amended than ever.

Netflix's existent estate/reality bid follows a radical of realtors astatine The Oppenheim Group successful Los Angeles, arsenic they butt heads and merchantability houses. Season 4 premieres Nov. 24 connected the streaming service.

"I would accidental you're going to spot a batch of drama, a batch of beauteous houses and a batch of changes successful the dynamics betwixt a batch of the formed members," Fitzgerald, whose hubby Romain Bonnet besides appears connected the series, tells CNN.

    Jason Oppenheim is successful charge of the Oppenheim Group solo this season, portion his brother, Brett, has branched disconnected to different existent property endeavors. Jason employs a assortment of stunning women successful decorator apparel who merchantability multi-million dollar mansions, which makes for tv gold. Oppenheim says each those factors brought a "a important magnitude of play this season" to the show.

      His ain narration volition besides instrumentality halfway signifier astatine immoderate constituent successful the show. During filming, Oppenheim began dating his worker and person Chrishell Stause, a erstwhile soap histrion turned palmy realtor. Stause was antecedently joined to "This Is Us" prima Justin Hartley and her heartbreaking divorcement played retired connected the show. Is Oppenheim acceptable to enactment his ain emotion beingness successful the spotlight?

      "Well, archetypal of all, yes, [the relationship] came arsenic a astonishment successful arsenic overmuch arsenic she came present arsenic joined and arsenic an agent, right. That's the past happening I would look astatine and romantically," helium says. "So we did found a relationship astatine archetypal and past erstwhile it changed, like, we didn't truly cognize what to deliberation of it. We didn't instrumentality it that seriously. Then we did commencement taking it much earnestly arsenic we benignant of realized however good it worked. Then I deliberation we conscionable benignant of wanted to get it done a definite level of comfortableness earlier going public."

      The 2 archetypal came retired to Fitzgerald, who is thrilled her 2 champion friends fell successful love. They besides told Amanza Smith, different realtor connected the amusement and a adjacent person of the group.

      "Obviously, for them to person 2 of their champion friends successful a relationship, they were precise supportive of that and inactive are," Oppenheim says. "In fact, everyone has been truly supportive. I mean, it's a beauteous relationship, and I deliberation everyone recognizes and supports it."

      Actually, Oppenheim corrects himself, everyone but 1 person. If you watched Seasons 1 done 3, you tin conjecture precisely who that is.

      "I won't sanction names, but I would accidental it's not a 100 percent radical that enactment it, but it's truly hard for the unnamed to beryllium 1 100 percent supportive of anything," helium adds.

      When asked for confirmation they are talking astir "Selling Sunset" villain Christine Quinn, the radical breaks retired successful a knowing laugh. When I remark that Quinn was the lone castmember not contiguous astatine formed subordinate Heather Rae Young's wedding to HGTV prima Tarek El Moussa successful October, Fitzgerald says that it's "very obvious" who is astatine the basal of the play this play and that by process of elimination and societal media feeds, it's an casual conjecture for fans of the show.

      The lead-up to Young's wedding is besides a storyline this season. She met and fell successful emotion with El Moussa portion starring connected the show.

      "You conscionable ticker them and they truly are similar soulmates and you conscionable spot their happiness conscionable similar radiating from inside, and Heather is conscionable the 1 astir conscionable pure, genuine radical I've ever met," Fitzgerald says, adding that the wedding was truthful unique.

      For Smith, she says overmuch of her storyline follows her getting afloat custody of her kids and moving connected arsenic a household of three.

      "You'll spot however it each plays out," she says. "And I was precise unfastened and I conscionable said it similar it was. I didn't clasp back. And truthful I deliberation everybody volition person a precise wide representation of precisely what was going connected and they'll get to determination guardant with us."

      Finally, let's not hide astir the existent estate.

        Oppenheim says this play we're going to spot adjacent much luxurious houses and much recognizable clients.

        "I deliberation arsenic a institution we're growing. We got bigger listings, much clients. We person much personage clients coming successful the office. The show, I think, has helped america turn the concern and I deliberation a batch of the women are getting reached retired to from celebrities that privation to bargain and sell," helium says. "I would accidental successful that respect that we stepped it up a notch."

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