Rowing heroes 'uplift' weary nation in lockdown

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A flood of praise has poured successful for Australia's rowers pursuing their greeting of domination successful Tokyo today, which saw them haul successful two golden medals and 2 bronze astatine Sea Forest Waterway.

The phenomenal greeting connected the water, successful which the men's and women's fours crews won golden and the men's and women's quadruple scull teams grabbed bronze, has been lauded by ABC sports exertion Paul Johnson connected Twitter arsenic "something bully to uplift the country" during the lockdowns.


ABC Canberra vigor presenter Anna Vidot had praise of a akin sentiment, posting: "Rowers truly retired present redeeming the time for Australia's corporate intelligence health."

Meanwhile, Australian writer Xavier Wallace labelled the greeting "incredible" and NSW curate for athletics Natalie Ward congratulated Australia's women's fours, who are based astatine Rowing Australia's nationalist grooming centre successful Penrith.

"Fantastic effort," Ward wrote.

Gold medallists Lucy Stephan, Rosemary Popa, Jessica Morrison and Annabelle McIntyre of Australia. (Getty)

The women's fours squad - consisting of Stephan Lucy, Popa Rosemary, Jessica Morrison and Annabelle McIntyre - ignited the blitz erstwhile they clinched gold, clocking 6:15.37 to interruption the Olympic grounds and borderline the Netherlands (6:15.71) and Ireland (6:20.46).

Australia past collected different golden erstwhile the men's fours unit - powered by Alex Purnell, Spencer Turrin, Jack Hargeaves and Alex Hill - repeated the heroics of the women, signaling 5:42.76 to pip Romania (5:43.13) and Italy (5:43.60) successful a three-way thriller.

The superb results continued to rotation successful arsenic the men's quadruple sculls squad - tally by Jack Cleary, Caleb Antill, Cameron Girdlestone and Luke Letcher - salvaged bronze, registering 5:33.97 successful a heart-stopping conflict with the Netherlands (5:32.03) and Great Britain (5:33.75).

Australia's men's fours unit - consisting of Alex Purnell, Spencer Turrin, Jack Hargeaves and Alex Hill - with their golden medals successful Tokyo. (Getty)

And Australia's last medal of this morning's rowing bonanza was won erstwhile the women's quadruple sculls portion - comprised of Ria Thompson, Rowena Meredith, Harriet Hudson and Caitlin Cronin - claimed bronze, producing a clip of 6:12.08 arsenic they trailed China (6:05.13) and Poland (6:11.36).

Australia's triumph successful the women's fours saw Popa articulation her mum, Sue Chapman-Popa, arsenic an Olympic medallist successful the event. Chapman achieved the feat astatine Los Angeles successful 1984.

Australia's conquering of the men's fours saw them sprout retired to a elephantine pb aboriginal earlier conscionable hanging connected to bushed Romania by 0.37 of a second.

In taking retired gold, they emulated the iconic Australian 'Oarsome Foursome' boats that were victorious astatine Barcelona successful 1992 and Atlanta successful 1996.

Jack Cleary, Caleb Antill, Cameron Girdlestone and Luke Letcher of Australia vie during the men's quadruple sculls astatine the Tokyo Games. (Getty)

The men's quadruple sculls squad smashed the aged Olympic grounds by astir 3 seconds, but unluckily for them, the Dutch unit stormed to a satellite grounds breaking time.

And successful perchance the astir melodramatic contention of the morning, Australia's women's quadruple sculls squad pinched a podium spot after 1 of the German rowers mislaid power of her oar, dropping the squad to 5th and allowing Australia to ascent into third.

Ria Thompson, Rowena Meredith, Harriet Hudson and Caitlin Cronin of Australia successful enactment during the women's quadruple sculls successful Tokyo. (Getty)

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