Roger Stone Turns On His Fellow Coup Co-Conspirators

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One mightiness expect Roger Stone to accidental adjacent thing successful effect to the House Select Committee’s determination to subpoena him and question him concerning January 6th. It is somewhat surprising, however, that his effect progressive turning connected a chap Trump protagonist and straight accusing her of having cognition of what became a convulsive attempted overthrow of the government.

Stone posted to his Telegraph account:

“Given what I cognize I americium perplexed arsenic to wherefore the January 6 committee has not issued a subpoena to Katrina Pierson, successful different words idiosyncratic profoundly progressive successful the convulsive and unlawful acts of January 6, alternatively than me, fixed that I was not determination and person nary beforehand cognition oregon engagement whatsoever successful the events astatine the Capitol that day.

Well, bully quality awaits Stone. He volition person a accidental to archer the Committee “what helium knows,” and wherefore helium believes that they should beryllium talking to Katrina Pierson and not him.

It is absorbing to enactment that helium says helium had nary “advance knowledge” of what was to travel astatine the Capitol, creeping close to the extremity of implying that Pierson did person beforehand cognition of what was to come. If idiosyncratic had “advance knowledge” it means the unit was planned. If that idiosyncratic tin beryllium straight tied to Trump, it means that Trump whitethorn person been portion of that plan.

If Trump supporters are legitimately starting to crook connected each different – and this seems to beryllium a morganatic illustration – past the Committee should surely instrumentality it arsenic a motion that they are connected the close way and support pushing.

Roger Stone throws Katrina Pierson nether the bus.

— HG Tomato 🍅 Wash Your Hands (@HGTomato) November 25, 2021

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