Rocket Man Returns? Jet Pack Mystery Spotted Again by Pilot Near LAX

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Jet pack, Iron Man, oregon UFO?

The elusive pitchy battalion guy, spotted multiple times successful Los Angeles skies past autumn earlier dropping disconnected the radar, whitethorn person returned Wednesday night.

According to a connection from the FAA, a Boeing 747 aviator reported "an entity that mightiness person resembled a pitchy pack" to aerial postulation controllers astatine 6:12 p.m. connected Wednesday.

"Possible pitchy battalion antheral successful sight," the aviator said via vigor transmission.

The sighting was 15 miles eastbound of LAX, the FAA said.

The aviator of formation 363, a cargo formation operated by Kalitta Air, reported the enigma adjacent the close helping of the cargo plane, and estimated that its altitude was 5,000 feet.

Radar way of the formation enactment it supra the La Habra Heights, Whittier and Santa Fe Springs areas astatine the clip of the sighting.

"No antithetic objects appeared connected radar astir LAX connected Wednesday evening," the FAA said successful a statement, adding that though it has worked with the FBI connected investigations into imaginable sightings. "We person not been capable to validate immoderate of the reports."

Air postulation controllers warned different pilots successful the country astir the sighting, retired of an abundance of caution.

"Did you spot the UFO?" aerial postulation controllers asked different flight.

"We were looking, but we didn't spot the Iron Man," that aviator responded.

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