Rancho Cucamonga Olympian Almost Didn't Make it to Tokyo After Knee Injury Last Year

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Delaney Spaulding’s road to Tokyo began earlier she could adjacent accidental the connection softball.

“She was six weeks aged erstwhile Amber was 10 and Amber was already successful question ball. Amber's her older sister, and we would instrumentality her to the field, and we would instrumentality her to the edifice rooms, and she would nap connected the field,” her mother, Yvonne Spaulding, said. 

Now, 26 years later, her arrogant household and friends get to ticker the present Olympian execute a lifelong imagination successful beforehand of an planetary assemblage astatine an affectional ticker enactment successful her hometown of Rancho Cucamonga. 

“Tuesday morning, 4 o’clock here, everyone shows up.” 

It brought the antheral who coached her arsenic a kid to tears.

“That's my small girl. That’s it,” her father, Bill Spaulding, said.

Team USA softball improved to 5-0 aft defeating Japan successful walkoff style.

At 1 point, her biggest fans held their enactment for her astir historical astatine bat.

“She was truthful adjacent astatine gettin’ that expansive slam, but it’s truthful exciting, truthful exciting!” 

The Spaulding's person ne'er missed 1 of Delaney’s games, some arsenic a kid and erstwhile the young jock aboriginal went connected to prima astatine UCLA.

“When I had my archetypal son, they were playing Oregon and the crippled was connected successful my transportation room,” her sister, Ariana Whitehouse, said.

Delaney’s imagination of playing successful the Olympics astir didn’t hap aft a genu wounded past year.  

“She was precise motivated, precise motivated to get amended and to bash it successful a definite magnitude of clip that she had. She had little than a year,” Yvonne said.

Now, the twelvemonth that Delaney plays, is the archetypal clip softball’s been successful the Olympics since 2008.

Delaney is present 1 of the women she looked up to her full life.

“It’s astonishing not conscionable for her, but women’s sports and each the girls connected USA softball,” Ariana said.

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