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Users tin present import existing presentations straight into the level to stock during unrecorded video presentations.


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Prezi users tin present import presentations from Google Slides straight into Prezi Video, the institution announced Thursday. This is the latest successful a bid of integrations with online video and collaboration tools. 

This alteration makes it easier for radical to usage existing presentations built successful different formats with Prezi Video.

"We've seen truthful galore users travel connected committee and usage a cloud-native level similar Google Workspace," Prezi CEO Jim Szafranski said. "They've been capable to usage Prezi Video with workarounds and present they tin bash it directly."

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started successful aboriginal 2020, businesses person turned to video conferencing to support regular operations running. Most video conferencing platforms person seen a spike successful usage and Zoom has go a verb arsenic good arsenic a precise profitable company. In February 2020, Zoom added much users than it did during the full erstwhile year. In Q1 2020, Zoom's gross was $122 million. In Q1 2021, that fig went up to $328 million.

Prezi Video allows users to contiguous videos, GIFs, presentations, images, and benignant substance on-screen of a unrecorded oregon recorded video. In summation to Google Meet, Prezi Video works with each large video streaming platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and GoToMeeting. Prezi announced an integration with Google Workspace earlier this year. 

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"In newscaster mode, present I tin precise rapidly person maine and my contented broadside by broadside without having to writer a caller presumption successful Prezi," helium said. 

Presenters spot the aforesaid contented that assemblage members spot during a video session. The Prezi video app runs alongside Zoom. Prezi Video uses a virtual camera to merge the presenter's contented and camera provender and contiguous the combined accusation backmost to the video streaming platform. 

Szafranski said helium has seen a caller inclination among concern users of utilizing Prezi Video to alteration however meetings are run. Business leaders grounds their remarks and nonstop retired the presumption earlier the scheduled meeting. Colleagues tin ticker the presumption up of clip and past usage the scheduled gathering clip to sermon the content.

Prezi records presentations for committee meetings up of clip and posts the recordings successful the institution Slack channel.

"People similar to person the flexibility astir clip and spot by mixing unrecorded and recorded meetings," helium said. "If you springiness employees tools similar this, they'll find originative ways to link with customers." 

Szafranski said helium has seen overmuch much usage of the asynchronous attack successful acquisition but expects to spot this maneuver grow among concern users.  

"Remote employees consciousness mode much included with this format and radical are starting to get much comfy with having the follow-up speech successful Slack," helium said.

He said that radical besides are utilizing Prezi Video to grounds abbreviated snippets to beforehand upcoming meetings. 

"We've seen radical grounds the docket descent oregon nonstop a three-minute clip the time earlier a gathering to amusement that they are prepared for a gathering and person absorbing content," helium said. 

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He besides has seen much radical usage Prezi Video to experimentation with an asynchronous attack to meetings. 

"If you're doing a one-to-many lecture, you tin grounds it and fto radical devour it connected their ain time," helium said. "When radical commencement signaling meetings, they don't person to assemblage calendars."

Szafranski said that these recordings besides are a bully mode to present caller squad members to a project.  

Szafranski said that the institution has 100 cardinal users successful acquisition and business. Prezi Video launched successful November 2019 arsenic the institution anticipated an summation successful much online presentations. 

"We were capable to truly assistance our users erstwhile the pandemic deed and we saw our acquisition basal commencement signaling their lessons and sending it retired to students," Szafranski said.

According to the company, Prezi Video is utilized successful 150,000 organizations astir the satellite and fractional the schoolhouse districts successful the US.

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