Polkadot announces $777M development fund for network growth

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Gavin Wood's announcement comes weeks earlier the motorboat of parachain auctions, acceptable for 11 November

Polkadot laminitis Gavin Wood has announced that the blockchain platform's treasury has implicit $777 cardinal successful DOT tokens, a important magnitude of wealth helium says developers tin usage to physique and amended the project.

In a tweet posted connected 17 October, Wood noted that the Polkadot treasury holds implicit 18.9 cardinal DOT, oregon astir $777 cardinal astatine the token's existent price. According to him, the wealth tin signifier portion of a improvement money to beryllium utilized to physique and amended the network's ecosystem.

He besides suggested that the wealth could beryllium utilized to amended the assemblage astir Polkadot and the crypto ecosystem.


According to Wood, who besides founded Kusama and is simply a co-founder of Ethereum, the magnitude of DOT held successful the treasury is accumulated from the web protocol, with DOT received into the declaration via "fees, slashes and suboptimal staking configurations".

He added that it is champion if the DOT is enactment to bully use, noting:

"If it goes unused, it dilatory gets burned. It presently burns 239,988 DOT each month."

Polkadot parachain auctions

DOT is 1 of the cryptocurrencies to station stellar performances implicit the past fewer weeks, with the DOT/USD seeing an upside of much than 21% successful the past 7 days.

The optimism astir the cryptocurrency is mostly driven by the upcoming parachain launch, a highly anticipated lawsuit acceptable to spot an detonation successful Polkadot web growth.

Parachains are fundamentally side-chains upon which developers tin physique decentralised applications, with the exertion making interoperability betwixt protocols and the "Relay Chain" easier, cheaper and secure.

Wood's connection could spot millions of dollars made disposable to decentralised concern (DeFi) developers, and herald a caller epoch for the eighth-largest cryptocurrency task by marketplace cap.

The proposal, however, needs the support of the Polkadot governance council, with assemblage information cardinal to unlocking the treasury funds.

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