Pasadena to Require Face Masks for Indoor Public Settings as COVID-19 Cases Climb

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Following the pb of Los Angeles County, Pasadena volition soon necessitate radical to erstwhile again deterioration look masks successful indoor nationalist settings to defender against the dispersed of COVID-19, careless of vaccination status.

The metropolis announced the determination connected Monday night.

"Due to important summation successful lawsuit rates implicit the past 3 weeks, Pasadena Public Health Dept. Director and Health Officer Dr. Ying Ying Goh volition contented a Health Officer Order requiring look masks indoors, careless of vaccination status, successful nationalist settings and businesses," the metropolis tweeted Monday night.


Local quality from crossed Southern California

"The bid volition beryllium finalized and posted this week. While Pasadena's lawsuit rates were little than LA County's past week, play lawsuit rates continued to climb."

Pasadena, similar the metropolis of Long Beach, has its ain wellness section that operates independently from the region wellness department.

According to Pasadena's Monday announcement, "Pasadena present meets the CDC's explanation of 'substantial transmission' of COVID-19. Dr. Goh continues to impulse the nationalist to #GetVaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and disposable astatine nary cost."

City wellness officials reported 51 caller infections betwixt Saturday and Monday, but nary further deaths. In all, Pasadena has reported 11,558 cases of COVID-19 and 351 deaths.

On average, Pasadena has recorded 14.4 caller infections each time implicit the past week, Pasadena Now reported.

Long Beach announced Thursday nighttime it volition align with the region and besides necessitate indoor disguise wearing for all.

Rising lawsuit numbers prompted LA County precocious Saturday nighttime to re-institute a request that everyone deterioration masks successful indoor nationalist settings, careless of vaccination status.

The mandate means customers are again required to disguise up erstwhile entering immoderate indoor nationalist establishment, including retail shops, market stores, restaurants, and workplaces. Indoor eating remains open, but customers indispensable stay masked portion they are not eating oregon drinking.

County wellness officials proceed to blasted the existent surge successful infections to the highly contagious "Delta" variant of the microorganism done the unvaccinated population. There are astir 4 cardinal region residents who person not been vaccinated, including 1.3 cardinal children who are ineligible for the shots.

Monday, the region Department of Public Health announced 1,233 caller COVID-19 infections, bringing the county's cumulative full from passim the pandemic to 1,269,090. Two much fatalities were besides reported Monday, lifting the county's decease toll to 24,585.

According to authorities figures, determination were 544 radical hospitalized successful the region owed to COVID-19 arsenic of Monday, with 121 radical successful intensive attraction units. The hospitalization numbers person been dilatory but steadily climbing for respective weeks. On Sunday, determination were 528 radical hospitalized, with 112 successful intensive care.

The numbers are inactive good beneath the astir 8,000 radical who were hospitalized owed to COVID-19 during the wintertime surge of cases. The existent number, however, is treble the 218 hospitalizations reported connected June 15, erstwhile COVID restrictions were mostly lifted statewide.

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