Opinion: Traitor Josh Hawley Introduces Legislation to Teach Kids Patriotism

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The Republican Senator who raised his fist successful solidarity with Trump’s insurrectionists connected January 6, to incite them to enactment conscionable anterior to their onslaught connected the United States Capitol, precocious introduced authorities to usage nationalist schools to “promote patriotism” to the United States. Like astir of the absurdities coming from Republicans since Trump, this latest absurdity simply beggars belief.

It was evident to anyone who witnessed Republican Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) amusement his enactment for, some earlier and after, the Trump rebels who attacked the Capitol connected January 6 that the world is Hawley has nary conception of what it means to beryllium a patriot.

Hawley besides demonstrated that helium has nary conception of what it means to enactment and support the United States Constitution by voting to hitch retired democracy connected January 6.  He besides past attempted to screen up his enactment and Trump’s engagement successful seditious conspiracy to overthrow Constitutional bid by voting against a bipartisan committee to investigate Trump’s seditious conspiracy starring up to the onslaught connected the Capitol.

Simply put, Josh Hawley has to beryllium 1 of the slightest qualified radical successful America to profess a tendency to beforehand patriotism. In fact, astir Republicans are lacking what it means to beryllium patriotic according to the explanation of patriotism. According to respective textbook definitions:

Patriotism is the feeling of love, devotion, and consciousness of attachment to a state and confederation with different citizens to create a feeling of oneness among the people. This attachment tin beryllium a operation of galore antithetic feelings including respective cultural, governmental oregon humanities aspects.” (author bold)

 Republicans person thrived connected being divisive for decades, and anyone who is not devoted to their worldview is regarded arsenic “the other.” As a movement, peculiarly since Trump, Republicans person nary consciousness of attachment to the thought of “a consciousness of oneness among the people” truthful captious to being patriotic.

According to Hawley, his legislation, alleged “The Love America Act,” volition singlehandedly “promote patriotism successful education” by withholding national wealth from immoderate nationalist schoolhouse that teaches students the real, factual past of America. In particular, Harley’s authorities volition prohibition the teaching of humanities facts regarding however achromatic supremacy and/or racism played a large relation successful the founding the United States.

Hawley’s authorities has thing whatsoever to bash with promoting patriotism. He is joining the GOP’s nationwide crusade to enact laws that forestall the teaching of “critical contention theory.” As a reminder, captious contention mentation is the world subject centered connected the conception that racism is an mundane acquisition for the bulk of radical of color, and that racism has shaped the country’s ineligible and societal systems. It is simply a conception that a large information of achromatic nine does not privation exposed oregon changed due to the fact that it lone benefits achromatic people.

Hawley’s measure besides requires schools that person national backing to warrant that each students tin work and recite portions of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Pledge of Allegiance astatine definite people levels.

Obviously, immoderate nationalist schoolhouse Hawley and astir Republicans attended arsenic children failed miserably successful teaching them however to read, overmuch little recite and understand, immoderate portion of the Constitution oregon Declaration of Independence. If that was not the case, Republicans would person rejected Trump’s seditious conspiracy starring up to the attempted coup d’etat and insurrection against the United States connected January 6.

In promoting his achromatic supremacy indoctrination bill, Hawley stated:

We cannot spend for our children to suffer religion successful the noble ideals this state was founded on. We person to marque definite that our children recognize what makes this state great, the ideals of anticipation and committedness our Founding Fathers fought for, and the emotion of state that unites america all.”

If Hawley had spent immoderate clip learning astir America’s founding oregon its past erstwhile helium was successful nationalist school, helium would cognize that “the noble ideals” this state was founded connected centered connected the conception that radical of colour (slaves) were regarded arsenic spot and counted arsenic 3/5ths of a person.

Those radical of colour were considered inferior to achromatic people. The federation was founded connected achromatic supremacy that yet that drove the state into the astir deadly warfare successful America’s past – the alleged American Civil War.

It isn’t wide who Hawley is trying to impress, but 1 tin accurately surmise it is the Republican basal seething with achromatic rage that radical of colour person the temerity to request the adjacent rights guaranteed to each American successful the Constitution; a precise important “aspect” of that Constitution Hawley and his Republican cohort rejects retired of hand.

That constituent was made by a Texas authorities typical who best explained precisely what the information down Hawley’s “Love America Act” truly is, and it has thing to bash with patriotism. Democratic Texas authorities Rep. James Talarico said:

The absorption is not children. The absorption is connected scoring points with old, achromatic voters who spot the state slipping distant from them demographically.”

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