One Local Small Business Could Win $10,000 and Other Prizes Courtesy of the Dodgers, MLB and Mastercard

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Are you the proprietor of a tiny concern based successful Los Angeles?

If so, you could triumph $10,000 and different prizes courtesy of Mastercard, Major League Baseball, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

During the All-Star Game successful Colorado past week, MLB and Mastercard announced that their were extending their concern agreement. As portion of the announcement, they revealed a new contention to assistance tiny businesses successful 3 shot cities that person struggled implicit the past twelvemonth of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Local quality from crossed Southern California

They're calling it the Home Team Advantage Small Business Contest, and tiny concern owners successful Los Angeles, Boston, and Atlanta are each eligible to participate.

One expansive prize victor from each metropolis volition triumph $10,000 and a all-expenses-paid travel to a 2021 World Series game. In addition, the winning tiny concern volition beryllium celebrated connected the tract astatine Dodger Stadium with customized stadium signage. The winning concern volition besides beryllium invited to an exclusive meal lawsuit astatine the stadium.

"While tiny businesses had to contend with challenges passim the pandemic, they demonstrated exceptional resilience and determination successful the process," said Cheryl Guerin, EVP Marketing and Communications successful North America for Mastercard. "Alongside our partners astatine Major League Baseball, we're committed to celebrating and supporting the tiny businesses that service arsenic the backbone of our communities and are thrilled to supply the resources and integer tools to assistance them proceed to turn and thrive."

Additionally, winners volition person Mastercard's caller Digital Doors toolkit. The Digital Doors toolkit includes their digital diagnostic service, one-on-one concern mentorship, arsenic good arsenic offers and resources from Jobble, Mastercard Trust Center, Microsoft Advertising, SimplyPayMe, and Zoho. The toolkit besides includes cybersecurity tools developed to assistance tiny businesses support themselves against cyber threats.

The contention opened connected July 15, and eligible LA-based concern owners are encouraged to participate the contention here:

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