NRL slams clubs amid 'unjustified' criticism

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NRL caput of shot Graham Annesley has launched a stunning takedown of clubs and coaches criticising the game's lucifer officials.

In caller weeks, Roosters manager Trent Robinson and Dragons manager Anthony Griffin person some taken purpose astatine calls made by the officials during matches.

Robinson was near furious surrounding a deficiency of "consistency" during the Tricolours' nonaccomplishment to the Panthers earlier this month, portion Griffin past week questioned however a enarthrosis complaint by Nathan Cleary connected Jack Bird went uncalled.

While Annesley didn't azygous retired immoderate manager oregon comments made successful particular, helium said the NRL has seen capable disapproval toward lucifer officials and the blasted of losses being enactment connected them.

"Some of the levels of disapproval that's been coming astir lucifer officials aft the game, I deliberation is implicit the top," helium told reporters today.

Graham Annesley (Getty)

"I deliberation it's unjustified. Although determination are decisions that clubs don't similar and that they whitethorn deliberation should person gone the different way, they're not needfully incorrect decisions.

"There are decisions that the referee oregon the bunker has to use judgement and they person to marque a decision. If you inquire the fans and supporters of the absorption team, they would beryllium saying it was 100 per cent right.

"We are getting these marginal decisions, and there's a batch of them successful our game, and yet aft games, we're proceeding disapproval astir 1 oregon 2 officiating decisions that mightiness beryllium arguable. And erstwhile they get them wrong, we volition accidental they're wrong.

"It's overwhelming the post-match commentary astir what's happening successful games.

Late punishment gifts Roosters melodramatic triumph

"We're not proceeding thing astir the 20 handling errors connected mean per game, we're not proceeding thing astir the 60 missed tackles connected mean per game. We're not proceeding thing astir the 30 ineffective tackles connected mean per game, oregon the 10 line-breaks connected mean per crippled that teams concede.

"Each 1 of those incidents, I would accidental to you has a acold greater interaction connected the result of the crippled than 1 oregon 2 refereeing decisions that mightiness beryllium arguable."

He besides went connected the explicate that immoderate of the NRL's frustrations aren't conscionable with the clubs.

"I'm not conscionable talking astir coaches," helium added.

"Sure determination has been immoderate comments from coaches, I'm besides talking astir immoderate of the wide media remark and the wide statement that happens astir refereeing decisions."

Annesley besides defended the NRL's determination not to penalise or authorisation Cleary for the arguable tackle connected Bird.

Was determination a enarthrosis complaint from Nathan Cleary connected Jack Bird?

"He turns distant from him and hits him with his side," Annesley said of Cleary's incident.

"Yes determination is interaction with the shoulder, but we person to retrieve what a enarthrosis complaint is. That is idiosyncratic charging astatine an absorption subordinate with their shoulder.

"This is simply a subordinate who astatine the past infinitesimal decides he's not going o spell done with the tackle successful the accepted consciousness and crook his assemblage sideways. This is not thing that is antithetic implicit the people of the game."

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