Netflix Dragon Age TV Series Rumored To Be In Development

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Netflix has been holding thing backmost successful presumption of taking up arsenic overmuch abstraction successful the gaming assemblage arsenic possible. Whether that beryllium by really offering games oregon conscionable delivering astonishing adaptations, the streaming institution has been connected a roll, and present it looks similar it's rolling towards Thedas with a caller rumor. That's right; apparently, determination is simply a Dragon Age TV bid successful the works implicit astatine Netflix, astatine slightest if caller rumors are to beryllium believed. 

In a caller study from a "trusted source," Giant Freakin Robot has learned that a reported Dragon Age TV bid is successful the works. No details were offered astatine this time, but if I were to guess, I would accidental that it would beryllium successful an animated format if this is happening. The crushed being is that a Dragon Age adaptation would beryllium monolithic erstwhile retelling the tales of Thedas. That, and immoderate BioWare-related adaptation has usually been animated. Even Dragon Age has had its erstwhile spinoffs with Cassandra's origins communicative in Dawn of the Seeker. 

With nary details and nary confirmation from BioWare oregon Netflix, it's hard to speculate what this caller bid could beryllium about, oregon adjacent if it genuinely exists. That being said, we bash cognize that Dragon Age 4 volition proceed the communicative that began without Wardens heavy into the hearts of Tevinter, Nevarra, and the beauteous Antiva. We cognize that the caller comics person besides been rooted heavy wrong the onshore of humor mages and magisters with Tevinter, arsenic well, truthful I would presume that thing branching distant from that would instrumentality a caller approach. Whether that beryllium an adaptation of the games themselves oregon the unthinkable books and comics that spawned aft is anyone's guess, but Thedas is huge, which means that determination are a cardinal and 1 antithetic ways a TV bid could go. 

Regarding Dragon Age 4, we didn't get a caller trailer during EA Play, but we did conscionable precocious get immoderate fancy caller conception creation that features The Crows! If interested, cheque retired our erstwhile sum here, wherever you tin spot my tinfoil chapeau successful the signifier of Zevran successful action. 

It volition beryllium absorbing to spot wherever Netflix goes adjacent with its gaming journey. What bash you deliberation astir a imaginable Dragon Age TV series? Would you privation an adaptation oregon a caller Thedas escapade entirely? Sound disconnected with your thoughts successful the remark conception below! Unless the remark conception is inactive showing disabled, past @ america astatine GameInformer implicit connected Twitter with your thoughts and travel backmost erstwhile we've got them backmost up and running! 

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