Most cryptocurrency trades may be people buying from themselves

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An investigation has recovered that lavation trading, a signifier of marketplace manipulation, is rife connected unregulated crypto exchanges

Technology 25 November 2021

By Chris Stokel-Walker

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People tin bargain and merchantability cryptocurrencies connected unregulated exchanges

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As galore arsenic 7 successful 10 cryptocurrency trades connected the world’s astir fashionable but unregulated exchanges whitethorn beryllium radical buying from themselves to artificially inflate prices, according to a caller analysis.

A survey of 29 cryptocurrency exchanges, wherever radical bargain and merchantability the virtual currencies, undertaken betwixt July and November 2019 has recovered important volumes of “wash trading” wrong cryptocurrencies. Wash trading is wherever an capitalist sells and buys the aforesaid plus to make artificial involvement successful an investment, often distorting …

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