Man Behind Tokyo Olympic Skatepark is SoCal Native

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When the worldwide signifier turns its absorption to this factual space, past volition beryllium made.

But adjacent the first-ever quality of skateboarding astatine the Olympic Games shines successful Tokyo: the airy started successful our ain backyard.

"Hopefully you plan a skatepark to fto everyone to execute their idiosyncratic best," said Joe Ciaglia, the laminitis and president of California Skateparks.

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Ciaglia is the mastermind decorator down the Tokyo Skatepark, wherever helium says each twist and turn, each obstruction and ramp, is designed to fto the skater make their masterpiece.

The Upland autochthonal has been designing factual skateparks astir the satellite for much than a decade.

"We convinced X Games to bash concrete," helium said. "They bash factual bowls. That's led to the Vans Park Series wherever Vans said they wanted factual truthful we started doing factual for Vans."

His enactment is successful London, Israel and Shanghai, which each got the attraction of the International Olympic Committee.

Locally there's Stoner Skate Plaza successful West LA, the Vans Huntington Beach Skatepark oregon the iconic Venice Beach Skatepark.

"There were nary restrictions," helium said. "The Olympics didn't accidental we don't person the funding, we don't person the size. They said, 'Hey, archer america what you deliberation works the champion to person the champion imaginable Olympic event.'"

Reaction from squad USA is disconnected the charts.

"Those parks are insane, larger than life," said Mimi Knoop, Team USA Women's Team coach." It's a imagination skate parkland for some parkland and street."

Street skater Jagger Eaton says the accidental to skate successful Tokyo is everything he's worked for.

"I emotion the size of the large section," Eaton said. "I emotion the runs that I've already plotted out. It looks great, you know, velocity and passionateness and flow."

Park skater Heimana Reynolds is besides acceptable to rip.

"I deliberation it's truly cool," Reynolds. "It has a batch of flow, a batch of antithetic places that you tin connect."

Like astir of what California Skateparks builds, the Tokyo courses are permanent.

"It's going to unfastened it up to the world, which is truthful amazing," Ciaglia said. "To spot everybody person vulnerability to the full satellite is the champion part, to broaden skateboarding and springiness everybody a accidental to beryllium a portion of it, that's the astir important thing."

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