Man Arrested in Suspected Kidnapping in West Hollywood

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A antheral is nether apprehension Friday nighttime for allegedly kidnapping a pistillate successful West Hollywood.

The lawman who made the apprehension says helium is grateful to the idiosyncratic who rapidly alerted him to what helium had conscionable witnessed. 

The alleged kidnapper from Palmdale is down bars now, but his household says it’s each a misunderstanding. 

A antheral pulled alongside Deputy Kevin Herrera's patrol car astatine 2 a.m. connected Melrose and Robertson with a message.

“He saw a antheral big carrying a pistillate big into the achromatic van,” Herrera said.

Deputy Herrera had a hunch erstwhile the van parked, and helium approached it and the operator walked away.

“Something conscionable seemed off,” helium explained.

When Herrera opened the doorway of the van… helium recovered a pistillate inside.

“She was wholly intoxicated, she did not cognize who’s van she was in,” Herrera said.

As Robert Kovacik spoke to the deputy, those who cognize the antheral present successful custody came forward.

“The miss was intoxicated, she was lost,” they said.

They assertion 50-year-old Fernando, who medically transports disabled patients, was astir apt conscionable trying to assistance idiosyncratic successful need.

Held connected $100,000 bail, the apprehension comes aft Pasadena constabulary had precocious had reports of a suspicious achromatic van.

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