Lincoln Project Vows To Come After Laura Ingraham Guests And Advertisers After She Mocks Injured 1/6 Cops

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Fox’s Laura Ingraham spent a conception of her amusement giving retired awards that mocked the officers who testified earlier the 1/6 Committee, truthful the Lincoln Project is warring back.


Laura Ingraham is giving retired champion show awards to constabulary officers from today’s proceeding

— Acyn (@Acyn) July 28, 2021

The Lincoln Project Is Coming For Laura Ingraham’s Guests And Advertisers

In a connection provided to PoliticusUSA, The Lincoln Project said, “Ingraham and her guests often parrot ‘back the blue’ talking points, but erstwhile it comes to supporting the officers who defended ideology from home terrorism, they mock, jeer, and disrespect them. Every Republican successful Congress should beryllium asked connected the grounds whether they hold with Ingraham’s characterization of the January 6 instrumentality enforcement officers and whether they volition garbage to articulation the amusement successful the future. In the coming weeks, The Lincoln Project volition instrumentality a look astatine the advertisers and guests connected The Ingraham Angle and question to unit them into abandoning the show.”

Laura Ingraham Shows How Republicans Really Feel About The Police

Laura Ingraham’s onslaught connected the constabulary follows successful enactment with Republicans successful Congress who voted against further backing for section constabulary departments and lone came to the negotiating array connected backing the Capitol Police aft an aggravated nationalist unit campaign.

Ingraham lone has a Fox News amusement due to the fact that she is simply a top-tier Trump sycophant, who went from being a third-rate blimpish vigor big to falling into a amusement aft Fox was devoid of endowment that she was the past portion of governmental driftwood floating astir for them to elevate.

Laura Ingraham’s full gimmick is pandering to Trump and his supporters but she does it successful an adjacent little talented mode than Tucker Carlson.

Anyone who appears oregon advertises connected her amusement is supporting home coercion and unit against the police, and consumers should usage the escaped marketplace to marque them wage for betraying America.

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