LAPD Suspends Officer for Excessive Force

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An unnamed Los Angeles constabulary serviceman has been suspended and sent location aft video captured him hitting a fishy who was already successful custody, the section announced Sunday.

The serviceman is accused of hitting 1 of 2 suspects aft a Saturday carjacking successful the Mission country of the San Fernando Valley that ended with a clang successful the metropolis of San Fernando, the LAPD reported.

The fishy is believed to person spit connected the officer.

Video taken by a assemblage subordinate shows the offending serviceman hitting a fishy strapped into a gurney for aesculapian transport.

After the assault, officers tin beryllium heard asking for a spit disguise to forestall the fishy from spitting again, CBS2 reported.

The serviceman has been sent location and is inactive being paid pending the result of the investigation. He has besides had his constabulary powers suspended.

"The images of the video are profoundly disturbing and portion we indispensable hold for the probe to beryllium completed, the section volition enactment swiftly successful immoderate lawsuit of excessive oregon unnecessary force," LAPD Chief Michel Moore said.

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