LA County Eyeing Guaranteed Income Pilot Program for 150 Youths Age 18-24

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The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors volition ballot Tuesday connected a three-year aviator programme to supply $1,204 per period to 150 region residents aged 18-24. 

The wealth would spell to younker who are presently receiving wide alleviation benefits and participating successful the Departments of Public Social Services' TAYportunity program. The ballot comes much than 2 months aft the Supervisors voted to o.k. proposals for a aviator guaranteed income programme and directed unit to study backmost connected implementation.

“We person the blueprint to motorboat a guaranteed basal income programme among a illustration colonisation that has not lone been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic but has historically faced economical and societal inequities,” Board Chair Hilda Solis said Saturday. 

“For transition-aged youth, this aviator programme volition not lone supply fiscal assistance, but a enactment web that erstwhile combined with fiscal stableness helps guarantee the palmy modulation of younker into the community. I look guardant to seeing this aviator programme developed and implemented to service arsenic a exemplary for however the region tin proceed to service the contiguous needs of our astir susceptible residents.” 

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Tuesday's motion, authored by Solis and Supervisor Janice Hahn, is the effect of a study backmost issued by the DPSS articulating a roadmap and outlining the benefits of implementing guaranteed income objection projects. It would nonstop the DPSS manager to taxable a program to the committee wrong 45 days for the instauration of the three-year aviator project, which would supply $1,000 per period successful income and $204 successful CalFresh benefits. 

The question would further instruct the Chief Executive Office, successful consultation with region counsel, to execute agreements with a probe institution, and/or different agencies that supply benefits counseling to assistance successful the instauration and/or survey the imaginable efficacy of the aviator program. 

County unit would besides guarantee that receiving the income would not impact participants' quality to person their existent wide alleviation benefits. In their discussions connected the contented successful May, the Supervisors declared that poorness and economical accidental are nationalist wellness issues and called for a caller attack to code a increasing wealthiness gap. 

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“As we endeavor to make a much resilient economy...we indispensable research guaranteed income and different measures of poorness alleviation arsenic imperishable region policy, not conscionable arsenic an exigency measure,” the question work successful part. “The coronavirus situation has heightened and made much vivid what was already wide to many: The inequities successful our system person been a substance of beingness and decease for galore of our astir susceptible region residents...We indispensable fundamentally displacement the thought that radical who look fiscal insecurity person someway failed, and alternatively admit that it is the inequity and deficiency of entree built into our system and authorities assistance programs that person failed us.”

Supervisor Kathryn Barger was the dissenting ballot successful May's archetypal motions calling for the aviator program, expressing concerns astir deficiency of probe into the plans and the imaginable for fraud. 

“I americium profoundly acrophobic astir the motions approved by the Board of Supervisors contiguous to warrant a basal income for an unspecified radical of individuals implicit a play of astatine slightest 3 years,” Barger said. 

“Implementation of ‘Guaranteed Basic Income’ has yet to beryllium afloat researched and vetted successful a jurisdiction comparable to ours. As the largest region successful the nation, we should beryllium much diligent, thoughtful and strategical earlier we instrumentality a programme of this nature.”

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