Kid Cudi writes tribute to Lil Nas X, while criticizing homophobia in hip-hop

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(CNN)Lil Nas X and his sexuality person someway go a blistery taxable of treatment among rappers and hip-hop fans alike. And now, rapper Kid Cudi is lasting up for rap's wunderkind.

When Lil Nas X dropped the tracklist for his debut medium "Montero" earlier this month, immoderate radical criticized the young rapper for having nary Black men featured, contempt having aggregate Black women connected the album.

In response, Lil Nas X wrote, "maybe a batch of them conscionable don't wanna enactment with me."

    That made seasoned rapper Kid Cudi "sad," Cudi wrote successful a portion for Time's "100 Most Influential People" portion praising Lil Nas X.

      "There's a homophobic unreality implicit hip-hop, and he's going to interruption that sh-t down," Kid Cudi wrote successful the piece, published Wednesday. "We person to basal with him. I'm going to bash immoderate I person to bash to fto him cognize -- you person my support."

      Lil Nas X's defiant pridefulness  is indispensable  to hip-hop -- and the DaBaby debacle is 1  crushed   why

      Since coming retired arsenic gay, Lil Nas X has been the taxable of rampant backlash from immoderate members of the hip-hop assemblage who person painted him and his sexuality arsenic a menace to Black men. This happened astir notably erstwhile rapper Boosie utilized slurs against Lil Nas X, threatening to "beat [Lil Nas X's] a**." Boosie's comments came days aft rapper DaBaby insulted cheery men and shared misinformation astir HIV during a show astatine the euphony festival Rolling Loud.

        "To person a cheery antheral successful hip-hop doing his thing, crushing records -- that is immense for america and for Black excellence," Kid Cudi wrote Wednesday. "The mode he's unafraid to marque radical uncomfortable is truthful stone 'n' roll. He's a existent stone star."

        After months of teasing, Lil Nas X's debut medium "Montero" yet dropped Friday. Though there's nary Kid Cudi diagnostic yet, Lil Nas X did hint connected Twitter earlier this period that it could beryllium coming on a deluxe version.

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