Kelly Rowland is trying to make it through the pandemic too

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(CNN)Like galore of us, Kelly Rowland's 6-year-old lad Titan has an itch to travel.

"He precocious asked maine were we going to beryllium capable to spell immoderate spot truly chill with snow," Rowland told CNN. "So, I deliberation I'm going to person to commencement fixing my caput connected what are we going to bash for his birthday."

Family is everything to the singer, histrion and world singing contention judge. In summation to Titan, she and her hubby Tim Weatherspoon person a son, Noah, whom they welcomed successful January.

    Rowland said she has drawn spot from them during the pandemic.

      "My enactment strategy has been my husband, my enactment strategy has been my sisters, my enactment strategy has been my she tribe," she said. "When I person questions astir balance. For maine it's the equilibrium of it all, that's ever the 'I'm losing my mind' moment."

      Becoming a parent for a 2nd clip has not been easier, she said, and pandemic has been the astir hard connected her oldest, Titan.

      "He misses his friends, helium missed schoolhouse truthful much," she said. "He's specified a societal kid and loves to beryllium successful the classroom, that erstwhile helium was location it was a truly unsmooth time."

      Rowland said Titan's amended present that he's backmost successful schoolhouse and they are trying to acceptable up "bubble play dates" and question safely to assistance easiness immoderate of the strain.

      She's been "getting close to the point" astir the pandemic, knowing that helium needs accusation to assistance process what's happening.

      Rowland said she's besides learning however to instrumentality attraction of herself amended successful the midst of each that's going connected arsenic well.

      "I deliberation I've ever understood the information that thing is ever going to endure and you conscionable effort not to fto it endure excessively much," she said. "Because I emotion my husband, I emotion my babies and I privation them to ever consciousness seen and heard from me, but I request to marque definite that I tin ever spot and perceive myself and what I request arsenic well."

      "Because if I don't bash that, I'm going to beryllium useless to them."

      Protecting her household is portion of what led Rowland to spouse with Life Happens for September's Life Insurance Awareness Month to item the request for beingness security and property planning.

        "I consciousness similar specifically wrong the Black assemblage beingness security is seldom talked about," she said. "Anything that has to bash with fiscal consciousness and redeeming and readying up is not truly talked about."

        Rowland appeared successful an advertisement to stock her ain travel with beingness insurance, she said, "to educate, to unopen down and unopen retired fear" astir the subject.

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