John Stamos wants to tell you about the most famous crime you may have never heard of

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(CNN)Right disconnected the bat John Stamos knows it's astonishing that he's narrating a existent transgression podcast.

The "Big Shot" prima who came to fame via "General Hospital" and "Full House" years agone (not that helium has aged astatine all, spot us) told CNN recently, "I'm realizing it indispensable look beauteous weird."

But not arsenic weird arsenic the taxable of the podcast and however it each came together.

    "The Grand Scheme: Snatching Sinatra" tells the communicative of the 1963 kidnapping of past 19-year-old Frank Sinatra Jr., the lad of legendary crooner Frank Sinatra.

      The 10 occurrence podcast premiered ad-free earlier this period connected Wondery+ and is present disposable wherever ever podcasts are streamed.

      Stamos told CNN helium discovered the not precise good known transgression communicative courtesy of his ain involvement successful music.

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      "Almost similar 25 years ago, I was doing a gig astatine the Orange County Fair with [rock duo] Jan and Dean," Stamos recalled. "I'd met them done the Beach Boys implicit the years. And Dean Torrence turned to maine and said, 'Hey, Stamos, bash you cognize thing astir producing?' I told him yes, but I didn't."

      "He goes, 'Well, I person this manuscript. I person the rights to the story, my champion person kidnapped Frank Sinatra Jr.,'" Stamos added, holding up the manuscript. "I spell "What?!'"

      That led to Stamos forming a relationship with the writer of the manuscript, Barry Keenan, who was 1 of the kidnappers and who wrote the manuscript portion helium was successful prison.

      Days aft the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Keenan, past 23, and an accomplice grabbed Sinatra Jr., who was recently into his singing vocation and performing astatine Harrah's Club Lodge successful Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

      The kidnappers demanded a $240,000 ransom from the elder Sinatra and were yet caught and prosecuted.

      Stamos said he's been trying to archer Keenan's communicative for years, but ran into respective obstacles -- including the information that Sinatra Jr., who died of cardiac apprehension successful 2016, did not privation it told.

      But Stamos couldn't fto it go, peculiarly due to the fact that the communicative was truthful wacky.

      He said Keenan proved to not beryllium the astir apt kidnapper, forgetting his guns arsenic good arsenic to wage his edifice measure and skiing successful Lake Tahoe arsenic everyone from the FBI to mob brag Sam Giancana was trying to find Sinatra Jr. and his kidnappers.

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      "Everybody is aft this feline and he's doing runs down the bunny slope up determination successful Tahoe with his girlfriend. So you can't marque this up," Stamos said. "And erstwhile I speech astir it, similar I usually say, it's similar the Marx brothers meets the Cohen brothers, but doing this podcast...we truly got to dive into Barry and his communicative and his psyche and wherever helium came from."

      What Stamos recovered was a mentally sick antheral who seemingly couldn't drawback a break, believed God told him done the vigor to kidnap idiosyncratic to gain immoderate money, and concocted the scheme.

      More than thing the histrion said helium wanted to radiance a airy connected intelligence illness, which helium said was swept nether the rug erstwhile the present 81-year-old Keenan was increasing up.

      "I don't privation to glorify this man, what helium did. He made a horrific mistake," Stamos said. "Nobody got hurt. Thank God."

      He said helium was already a casual instrumentality of existent transgression podcasts and wouldn't caput if "Grand Scheme" got further seasons telling the stories of different unbelievable crimes.

        Stamos besides wouldn't beryllium against the communicative making its mode to the surface someday and helium said helium would privation to play John Irwin, Keenan's mother's boyfriend.

        "He looked similar Clark Gable, had a bladed mustache," Stamos said. "He was a pugnacious feline and helium was the 1 who made the ransom calls due to the fact that helium had a large dependable and Barry asked him to bash that. And that's the quality I would privation to play."

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