Jen Psaki Stops Peter Doocy Dead In His Tracks As He Accuses Biden Of DOJ Meddling

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki was having nary of it arsenic Peter Doocy tried to falsely comparison Biden and Trump connected the DOJ.


Peter Doocy tried to assertion that Biden is meddling successful the DOJ and walked into 1 from Jen Psaki, "Since you gave maine the opportunity, erstwhile president trump utilized his bureau to incite the insurrection… and I deliberation determination is hardly a examination there."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 18, 2021

Peter Doocy accused Biden of breaking his committedness and meddling successful DOJ transgression prosecutions for the 1/6 Committee.

Psaki changeable him down, “Since you’ve fixed maine the opportunity, erstwhile President trump utilized his section to incite an insurrection, enactment governmental unit connected elder DOJ officials to propagate lies astir the predetermination to the constituent wherever they threatened to resign en mass. think determination is hardly a examination there.”

Doocy tried again, “President Biden said, the justice section and my administration volition beryllium totally independent of maine and not enter decisions into what cases the agency volition bring and not — “

Psaki chopped him off, “And helium has not and helium volition not .”

Fox News And Other Corporate Media Are Still Trying To Normalize Trump With Inaccurate Biden comparisons.

The constituent of Doocy’s question was to normalize Trump’s behaviour with a bogus examination to Biden. Fox News and Peter Doocy are not unsocial successful this behavior. It is wide that mainstream/corporate media desperately misses the criminality and play of Donald Trump.

Trump utilized the DOJ arsenic his idiosyncratic ineligible arm. Biden offered an sentiment that radical successful wide who interruption the instrumentality and defy a subpoena should beryllium punished. These 2 things are not the same.

Jen Psaki chopped to the bosom of the substance and made definite that the American radical recognize that Joe Biden is not similar Donald Trump.

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