iOS 15: How to enable Mail Privacy Protection

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Learn however to usage the caller iOS 15 information diagnostic called Mail Privacy Protection, which tin fell your IP code and different tracking information often sent to marketers without your knowledge.


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Apple's iOS 15 is present mostly available, and it comes with a clump of caller privateness features that iPhone owners are definite to appreciate, similar Mail Privacy Protection. Just due to the fact that features are determination doesn't mean they'll beryllium casual to find: Often it's rather the opposite. If you're not definite what Mail Privacy Protection is, oregon however to alteration it, you've travel to the close place. 

What is the iOS 15 diagnostic Mail Privacy Protection?

Mail Privacy Protection was revealed during the WWDC 2021 keynote. This diagnostic is expected to tackle an insidious, but progressively common, mode that immoderate advertisers sneak trackers into emails. 

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Called tracking pixels, these tiny objects (which are arsenic tiny arsenic 1x1) tin beryllium hidden successful the plain achromatic abstraction of an email oregon different graphic successful the assemblage of a connection and are practically undetectable to the reader. Despite appearing arsenic perfectly nothing, tracking pixels tin seizure a batch of information astir the email recipient, including the operating strategy being used, what benignant of email lawsuit opened the message, surface resolution, what clip the email was opened, whether immoderate links were clicked done and the recipient's instrumentality IP address.

It's up for statement whether tracking pixels are ethical to use, but the information that they're obfuscated means that it's often little trustworthy information brokers utilizing them to seizure information for resale. Based connected information from Apple's different tracking initiatives, it's harmless to presume that astir users wouldn't opt successful to tracking pixels capturing their information erstwhile fixed the option. 

Enter Mail Privacy Protection. There's not overmuch to this iOS 15 privateness diagnostic from the user's perspective: Once you alteration it, everything it does happens successful the inheritance — what it's doing is reasonably complex, though. Per Apple's connection successful the iOS 15 Developer Beta, "Mail Privacy Protection downloads distant contented successful the inheritance by default … each distant contented downloaded by Mail is routed done aggregate proxy servers, preventing the sender from learning your IP address. As a result, email senders volition lone person generic accusation alternatively than accusation astir your behavior." 

It's important to enactment that Mail Privacy Protection is simply a diagnostic of the iOS 15 Mail app. Users opting to usage a third-party email exertion won't beryllium capable to usage this caller privateness feature.

iOS 15's Mail Privacy Protection: How to alteration it

The changes we'll beryllium making are done successful the iOS 15 Settings app. With Settings open, swipe down until you spot Mail (Figure A) and pat connected it. 

Figure A


Where to find Mail successful the iOS 15 Settings app.

In the Mail app's Settings screen, swipe down until you spot Messages, nether which are 2 options: Ask Before Deleting and Privacy Protection (Figure B). Tap connected Privacy Protection.

Figure B


Where to find Mail Privacy Protection successful the Mail surface of the iOS 15 Settings app.

In Figure C, you'll spot the Privacy Protection screen, wherever 3 options are displayed: Hide IP Address, Block All Remote Content and Protect Mail Activity — this is wherever you tin take the level of privateness extortion you want. When toggled on, Protect Mail Activity hides the different 2 options due to the fact that they're enabled by default. If you privation to alteration 1 but not the other, you tin take that present arsenic well. 

Figure C


How to enable/disable Mail Privacy Protection settings successful iOS 15.

After you take however you privation to usage Mail Privacy Protection, you're each acceptable — conscionable fto it bash its happening successful the inheritance and usage the Mail app escaped of interest astir however your information is being harvested without your cognition oregon consent. 

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