Interactive: Which Countries Dominate the Summer Olympics?

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From 1896 to 2016, the fig of athletes competing successful the summertime games has seen an summation of implicit 6,200% according to information gathered by the International Society of Olympic Historians. There are 206 National Olympic Committees with a projected 11,360 athletes astatine the Tokyo games.

The United States dominates successful presumption of golden medals with astir 1,030 of them won since the archetypal crippled successful Athens, but could the nation’s occurrence astatine the Olympics beryllium based astir sending much athletes than their competitors?

We adjusted our information based connected the fig of athletes by state to spot a much close representation of however each state performed successful each game.

Tokyo Olympics

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Olympic Medals Adjusted Per Athlete

Since the 1896 games successful Athens, the fig of countries and athletes participating successful the Olympics has ballooned successful size lowering the fig of medals per jock for each country.

Countries that did not triumph immoderate medals are not included successful the data. 

Australia saw the highest fig successful the Paris 1900 games with 3 medals per jock – all bronze with 1 jock competing. 

Of countries that did triumph medals, Mexico saw the lowest fig of medals per jock successful the Munich 1972 games. 174 athletes competed connected Team Mexico and took location 1 metallic medal which is astir 0.0057 medals per athlete.

There are a fewer nations represented successful the information that nary longer beryllium similar Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, and immoderate athletes from existent nations competed erstwhile their countries didn’t beryllium yet.

Some countries person besides refused to enactment successful the games oregon skipped years successful the past similar erstwhile the United States boycotted the 1980 games successful Moscow successful protestation of the Soviet penetration of Afghanistan.

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