Initiative helps comfort patients in final moments

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - With the harsh world that not everyone admitted to the infirmary volition spell home, 40 volunteers astatine Ascension Via Christi are making definite that nary 1 dies alone.

“The thought of being that unsocial bothers me, that idiosyncratic doesn’t person idiosyncratic there, whether it’s a touch, it’s a voice, it’s something. That conscionable seems wrong,” said Kent Koehler, Regional Technology Director for Ascension and a unpaid with the group, “No One Dies Alone astatine Ascension Via Christi.”

Koehler, a soon-to-be grandfather, experienced firsthand being hospitalized from a stroke, successful the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I couldn’t person household sojourn maine and that was a wakeup call,” helium said. “I ended up being fine, but if I had been astatine near-death oregon dying, and not being capable to person someone, that would beryllium truthful tough.”

Ascension Via Christi societal idiosyncratic Sarah Smart and her supervisor started the “No One Dies Alone” inaugural astatine the hospital. Since the opening of the pandemic, Ascension has had astir 300 COVID-19 deaths.

It’s truly hard to ticker idiosyncratic instrumentality their past breath, whether it’s COVID oregon immoderate different illness,” Smart said. “But conscionable being capable to beryllium determination and springiness them dignity and respect is precise important. So, I’m gladsome that we were capable to bash that.”

In the past year, the inaugural has ensured that 40 patients didn’t dice alone.

“At the extremity of life, proceeding is the past happening to go,” Smart said. “So, you know, holding their hand, letting them know, ‘I americium here, I americium with you, you are not alone,’ conscionable a batch of reassurance for the patients.”

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Posted by Lily Wu - KWCH connected Thursday, September 23, 2021

These are akin experiences that Koehler has shared with patients.

“God gave maine gifts to use. This is an accidental to usage immoderate of them,” helium said.

Koehler said helium hopes to spot much colleagues unpaid successful the effort.

“As I look astatine our ngo and values, it tells maine I’m astatine slightest contributing a tiny portion to that,” helium said.

Wesley Medical Center besides has a “No One Dies Alone” program with volunteers.

If you’d similar to help, you tin interaction either infirmary and inquire to unpaid for its “No One Dies Alone” program. For Ascension Via Christi unpaid services, click here. For Wesley, telephone 316-962-2100.

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