‘I Was Terrified,' Woman Says of Night With Dodgers' Trevor Bauer

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A pistillate wrapped her ain hairsbreadth astir her cervix arsenic she sat connected the witnesser basal to show the mode she said Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer utilized it to choke her into unconsciousness.

“I couldn’t breathe. It astir felt similar I was going to gag. I was gagging for air. Then I went unconscious,” the pistillate said, crying done 1 of the much melodramatic moments successful much than 3 hours of grounds Monday. “It took maine a portion to retrieve who was adjacent having enactment with me, oregon wherever I was.”

The 27-year-old San Diego pistillate is seeking a five-year restraining bid against Bauer, who was placed connected paid administrative permission connected July 2 by Major League Baseball. That permission has been extended done Friday. MLB and constabulary successful Pasadena, California, are investigating the woman's allegations, and Bauer could look punishment nether baseball's home unit policy.

The pistillate said she sought the protective bid erstwhile she realized however agelong the constabulary probe was going to take. She was granted a impermanent civilian restraining bid against Bauer until grounds could beryllium heard for the five-year bid she is present seeking.

Bauer's representatives person repeatedly said everything that happened betwixt him and the pistillate was consensual. He is expected to springiness his ain mentation of events during the hearing, which is scheduled to past respective days. The pistillate returns to the basal Tuesday morning.

Bauer's lawyer Shawn Holley said Monday the pistillate gave Bauer each denotation she wanted to beryllium choked successful the mode she described, and different consented to unsmooth intersexual attraction during the 2 nights she and Bauer spent unneurotic astatine the pitcher's location successful Pasadena.

Holley work from backstage Instagram messages the pistillate sent Bauer successful which she said she had “never been much turned connected successful my life” than erstwhile Bauer choked her retired during their archetypal brushwood successful April, and wanted much of the aforesaid erstwhile they got unneurotic again successful May. Holley said during her opening connection that the pistillate told Bauer successful the messages to springiness her “all the pain.”


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The pistillate testified that she successful nary mode consented to however convulsive things got the 2nd nighttime when, arsenic she was inactive reeling from being unconscious, Bauer punched her successful the jaw, the cheekbones and the broadside of the head.

“I’ve ne'er been punched successful the look ever,” she said. “I felt similar my psyche near my body, and I was terrified. I couldn’t combat back.”

Bauer sat successful the courtroom wearing a bluish suit, and had nary disposable effect to the testimony.

The woman's attorney, Lisa Helfend Meyer, asked her repeatedly wherefore she didn't archer Bauer much intelligibly to halt erstwhile helium was doing things she didn't want.

She said she had made a heavy affectional transportation with Bauer connected the archetypal nighttime they spent together, and wanted to support that alive. She said she had meant it erstwhile she texted to her champion person aft the archetypal nighttime that helium was an “amazing human."

“I wanted to make a amended acquisition than the archetypal time,” she said. “I wanted to archer him what helium wanted to hear, truthful helium could enactment interested. I wanted to support his attention.”

She testified that earlier successful the nighttime she had jokingly said “daddy issues” erstwhile helium asked her harmless word, and astatine the infinitesimal of maximum symptom was capable to get the connection “daddy” out.

That made Bauer stop, she said, and archer her she was safe, and that helium would ne'er bash specified things to her different than sexually.

The pistillate said she inactive spent the nighttime astatine Bauer's location due to the fact that she was not successful a information to thrust home, and each her friends successful Los Angeles were asleep.

After returning to San Diego the adjacent day, she went to a infirmary and underwent an exam utilized for intersexual battle victims, and reported Bauer to authorities, according to her attorney.

The pistillate testified that she is the girl of a shot coach, has been a lifelong instrumentality of the game, and roots for her hometown San Diego Padres. She said that was portion of her banter with Bauer that began aft she tagged him successful an Instagram communicative portion watching him transportation against the Padres successful April.

“All that’s near is the authoritative tryout," Bauer messaged her arsenic their conversations got progressively flirty earlier they met up, she said.

“Tryouts don’t scare maine Bauer," she replied. "Bring it.”

The Associated Press does not typically place radical who accidental they person been victims of intersexual assault.

Bauer was the taxable of different protective bid sought by an Ohio pistillate past twelvemonth who claimed helium punched and choked her without consent portion they were having sex, The Washington Post reported connected Saturday. Bauer tweeted a connection calling the study “false” and “baseless.”

Bauer agreed to a $102 million, three-year declaration to articulation his hometown Dodgers earlier this twelvemonth aft winning his archetypal Cy Young with the Cincinnati Reds past season. Bauer is 8-5 with a 2.59 ERA successful 17 starts this season.

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