How to Watch the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

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Let the Games begin! 

The Tokyo Olympics, aft being postponed for a twelvemonth owed to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet commence connected July 23 with the majesty of the Opening Ceremony astatine Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium.

That volition footwear disconnected the two-week planetary contention that features thousands of athletes, hundreds of countries and a grounds 339 medal events successful 41 antithetic sports.  

Tokyo Olympics

Watch each the enactment from the Tokyo Games Live connected NBC

Here’s wherever to ticker the 2021 Olympic Opening Ceremony:

What transmission is the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony on? 

The 2021 Olympics Opening Ceremony volition statesman astatine 8 p.m. section clip successful Japan. 

With the United States’ Eastern Standard Time being 13 hours down Japan, it’s going to beryllium an aboriginal greeting for those successful the U.S. who privation to ticker the ceremonial live. NBC’s unrecorded coverage successful the United States volition statesman astir 6:55 a.m. ET.

The 2021 Tokyo Opening ceremonial volition re-air successful primetime astatine 7:30 p.m. ET, and again overnight. 

Does the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony person a TV schedule?

NBC’s networks and streaming services has a comprehensive TV schedule featuring much than 5,000 hours of unrecorded contented from the Tokyo Olympics. 

That includes NBC, NBCSN, CNBC, USA Network, the Olympic Channel, the Golf Channel, Telemundo Deportes, and Peacock. 

NBC volition connection broad sum of the Opening Ceremony, which volition aerial unrecorded connected the web crossed each clip zones arsenic portion of a afloat time of Olympic programming. It begins with the unrecorded greeting broadcast of the ceremony, followed by a peculiar variation of “TODAY” and NBC’s archetypal Daytime Olympic show.

How tin I ticker 2021 Olympics sum without cable?

The Tokyo Opening Ceremony tin besides beryllium streamed connected Peacock, and the NBC Sports app.

For the afloat lawsuit schedule, click here.

What happens during the Olympics Opening Ceremony?

Tokyo’s Opening Ceremony volition see plentifulness of pageantry and unrecorded performances that enactment the civilization of Japan connected afloat display, including the raising of the big nation’s emblem and singing of the nationalist anthem. 

The evening is highlighted by the Parade of Nations, wherever thousands of Olympians representing much than 200 countries march into the stadium nether their nation’s flag.  

The Olympic torch relay volition scope its last destination, the culmination of a 121-day travel done Japan astatine the hands of implicit 10,000 torchbearers. The occurrence has remained lit since March 2020 pursuing the postponement of the Olympics. The Japanese limb of the relay began connected March 25, 2021, starting successful Fukushima and passing done each 47 of Japan’s prefectures.

Its last halt is Tokyo Olympics Stadium, wherever 1 of the big nation’s astir prestigious honorees uses the torch to airy the Olympic cauldron. There, the occurrence volition stay lit for the duration of the Games.   

How galore events are successful the Tokyo Olympics? 

One Olympic grounds already has been broken: the fig of scheduled medal events astatine the Games. 

The Tokyo Olympics volition diagnostic a grounds 339 events crossed 42 venues and 41 sports. New medal events see men’s and women’s 3x3 basketball, women’s featherweight and welterweight boxing, karate, skateboarding, surfing and more. 

Competition begins anterior to the Opening Ceremony, with softball and shot scheduled for July 21. The archetypal medals of the Games volition beryllium awarded connected July 24 to the apical performers successful the women’s 10m aerial firearm shooting event. The Games reason connected Aug. 8 with the Closing Ceremony.

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