How to customize Siri's voice in iOS 14.5

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With iOS 14.5 and higher, Apple offers respective ways to tweak Siri's dependable according to your idiosyncratic preferences.


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Those of you with iPhones apt trust connected Siri to reply questions, supply accusation and transportation retired requests. You mightiness find the dependable of Apple's dependable adjunct pleasing to hear, oregon possibly not; either way, you tin customize Siri's dependable to follow a antithetic language, accent and gender.

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Apple has ever fto you alteration Siri's default connection among English, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and more; with the merchandise of iOS 14.5, Siri was enhanced to connection voices of antithetic accents and genders. Here's however it works.

First, marque definite you're moving iOS 14.5 oregon higher. Go to Settings and past General. Select Software Update. You'll beryllium told that iOS is up to day oregon prompted to download and instal the latest update.

Next, spell to Settings and past Siri & Search. Tap the mounting for Language. Here, you tin take a antithetic connection and a antithetic accent oregon portion for definite languages. With Chinese, prime Cantonese for mainland China oregon Hong Kong oregon Mandarin for mainland China oregon Hong Kong. For French, opt for French arsenic spoken successful Belgium, Canada, France oregon Switzerland. And for Spanish, take the connection arsenic spoken successful Chile, Mexico, Spain oregon the United States (Figure A).

Figure A


Let's instrumentality English arsenic an example. You tin prime English arsenic spoken successful Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the U.K. and the U.S. Try each portion to spot which accent astir appeals to you. Choosing definite accents volition crook disconnected "Hey Siri" truthful you'll person to reactivate it. After you've chosen a antithetic connection oregon region, inquire Siri a question to perceive it respond successful the caller connection (Figure B).

Figure B


Next, you tin alteration Siri's accent adjacent further aft choosing a circumstantial language. The accents disposable alteration depending connected which connection you selected. Tap the mounting for Siri Voice. At the apical of the screen, pat 1 of the accents listed successful the Variety section. After you pat each one, Siri speaks a connection utilizing that accent (Figure C).

Figure C


You tin besides modify Siri's gender. In the Voice section, pat each of the voices listed. The fig of voices accessible beryllium connected which connection you chose, ranging from 2 to four. Tapping each dependable prompts Siri to talk a abbreviated phrase. After you've made your changes, inquire Siri a question to perceive the caller accent and gender. If you're blessed with the voice, you're each set; if not, trying experimenting with different voices (Figure D).

Figure D


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