Here's What to Know About Voting in the Sept. 14 California Governor Recall Election

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Millions of California voters began receiving ballots by message this week with 2 questions that volition find who volition decorativeness retired Gov. Gavin Newsom's word successful office.

The ballots inquire voters whether the politician should beryllium recalled and, if helium is recalled, who should regenerate him. It’s the endgame successful a slow-moving process required to equine what would beryllium lone the 2nd palmy gubernatorial callback successful California history

Below, we’ve enactment unneurotic a voting usher for the callback election. Note that you mightiness request to sojourn your region elections officials' tract for much elaborate information. Those sites for Southern California counties are listed below.

What's the day for the callback election?

There are 3 important dates to remember.

  • Aug. 16: First time to ballot by mail.
  • Aug. 30: Last time to registry to vote. You tin “conditionally” registry and ballot astatine your region elections bureau oregon polling determination aft the elector registration deadline, up to and including Election Day.
  • Sept. 14: Election Day. Polls are unfastened 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

What’s required to ballot successful the callback election?

In that regard, it’s conscionable similar immoderate different predetermination — you’ll request to beryllium registered. Eligible voters tin do that here. Not definite whether you’re registered? Click present to check your registration status

To registry to ballot successful California, you indispensable be:

  • A United States national and a nonmigratory of California.
  • 18 years aged oregon older connected Election Day.
  • Not presently serving a authorities oregon national situation word for the condemnation of a felony. (for much accusation connected the rights of radical who person been incarcerated, delight spot the Secretary of State's Voting Rights: Persons with a Criminal History).
  • Not presently recovered mentally incompetent to ballot by a tribunal (for much information, delight see Voting Rights: Persons Subject to Conservatorship).

Can I registry to ballot connected Election Day?

Yes, Same-day elector registration is disposable successful California. It's called Conditional Voter Registration and allows Californians who miss the deadline to registry to ballot oregon update their elector registration accusation for an election. It means your ballot volition beryllium processed and counted erstwhile the region elections bureau has completed the elector registration verification process.

Gubernatorial candidates Caitlyn Jenner and John Cox person released their run videos arsenic California Gov. Gavin Newsom faces a callback election. Conan Nolan reports for the NBC4 News astatine 5 p.m. connected Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

What if I conscionable moved?

If you already updated your code with the Department of Motor Vehicles oregon US Postal Service, your registration volition automatically update. If not, click here to register.

What americium I voting on? 

The recall process allows voters to determine whether to region elected nationalist officials from bureau earlier their word is over. California is 1 of 19 states that allows immoderate elected authoritative to be recalled from office, which past happened successful the governor's bureau successful 2003.

The ballot volition inquire voters 2 questions.

  • Do you privation to recall the governor?
  • If recalled, who bash you privation to regenerate him?

Voters tin ballot connected either 1 oregon some parts of the recall ballot. If much than 50% of voters ballot to recall Gov.Newsom, past the replacement campaigner with the astir votes would beryllium elected.

A replacement for a recalled politician serves retired the remainder of the governor's term. Newsom's existent term, his first, ends successful January 2023 aft the governor's bureau is contested successful the November 2022 election.

Who’s connected the ballot?

If you were successful California for the past gubernatorial callback predetermination successful 2003, you mightiness retrieve that Arnold Schwarzenegger was 1 of 135 candidates successful that race. This time, voters inactive look a batch of choices if the callback is successful. Here’s the complete certified database of candidates from the California Secretary of State. 

How did we get here?

That’s a agelong story, 1 for a abstracted article. Click here to work our California callback FAQ and astir however the process works.

How tin I vote?

Just similar past fall, each progressive registered elector successful California volition person the enactment of voting by mail. Ballots volition beryllium mailed by region elections departments 29 days earlier the predetermination — so, successful mid-August. 

Voters tin instrumentality those ballots by mail, driblet them disconnected astatine designated drop-boxes oregon driblet them disconnected astatine polling places earlier they adjacent astatine 8 p.m. connected Sept. 14.

Early voting and Election Day options besides volition beryllium available. 

If you are mailing successful your ballot, it indispensable beryllium postmarked connected oregon earlier Election Day and received by region elections officials nary aboriginal than 7 days aft Election Day.

What if I didn’t person my ballot?

Every region elections section is required to supply a means to way and corroborate receipt of ballots. Click present to cheque connected your ballot if you're a registered progressive elector and did not person on. You tin motion up here to person ballot notifications.

Can I way my ballot aft I nonstop it?

Yes. Voters who instrumentality their message ballot done the U.S. Postal Service tin way it by signing up online for “Where's My Ballot?” California besides uses the BallotTrax tool.

Today, the Secretary of State’s bureau is sending an email (from: to voters statewide with accusation connected however to way their ballot for the #2021CARecall. Attached are illustration images of the emails that are being distributed.

— CA SOS Vote (@CASOSvote) August 16, 2021

Where are aboriginal voting and ballot drop-off locations?

Early voting is already underway successful immoderate parts of California. You tin cheque with your region elections officials (see below) to find retired erstwhile and where. The Secretary of State besides offers a instrumentality to assistance you find aboriginal voting and ballot drop-off locations adjacent you.

When are polls unfastened for in-person voting connected Election Day?

Polling places volition beryllium unfastened from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. connected Sept. 14. If you're successful enactment earlier 8 p.m., you tin vote.

How bash I find my polling place?

Click connected the nexus to your region elections bureau beneath to find your polling place.

What if my names isn’t connected the authoritative polling spot list? 

Voters who judge they've registered, but get astatine a polling spot lone to find they're not connected the authoritative elector registration database can cast a provisional ballot.  The aforesaid is existent for vote-by-mail voters who did not person a ballot oregon forgot to bring it to the polling place. Provisional ballots spell into a peculiar envelope, and they're counted aft it's confirmed that you're registered to vote.

Find retired however to cheque your provisional vote's status here

What if I changed my name?

You'll request to re-register. Ideally, you'd archetypal update your California driver's licence oregon ID with the DMV. 

Something conscionable didn’t look right. What should I do?

Do you cognize astir California's Voter Bill of Rights? If you consciousness similar your close to ballot was violated oregon immoderate of those conditions were not met, you tin interaction the Secretary of State.

  • Online: Click here
  • Phone: 800-345-8683
  • Email:
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