'Hellbound' is the new 'Squid Game'

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(CNN)South Korean dramas are sidesplitting it this year.

And we aren't adjacent talking astir the deaths that are happening connected screen.

"Hellbound" is the latest Netflix Korean play to captivate audiences.

    The acheronian phantasy is "a communicative astir otherworldly beings who look retired of obscurity to contented a decree and condemn individuals to hell," according to Netflix.

      "These supernatural events origin large mayhem and alteration the spiritual radical The New Truth to turn successful influence," the statement goes connected to read. "A fewer people, however, go suspicious astir its activities and statesman investigating its engagement successful mysterious events."

      Netflix had a immense planetary deed earlier this twelvemonth with "Squid Game."

      That bid centers astir contestants who are profoundly successful indebtedness that play children's games successful bid to triumph a ton of cash. Losers forfeit their lives.

        In October, Netflix told CNN the play was its "biggest-ever bid astatine launch" and viewed by 111 cardinal accounts since debuting connected September 17.

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