Health Alert Issued for Beaches Near El Segundo, Dockweiler Due to Elevated Bacteria

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The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has issued a wellness alert regarding elevated bacteria levels astatine respective beaches adjacent Dockweiler and El Segundo -- successful the country of the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant, which spilled 17 cardinal gallons of earthy sewage into the water connected July 11.

But astatine this time, determination was nary crushed to fishy these increases successful formation h2o bacteria are owed to the caller sewage discharge astatine Hyperion, the wellness section said.

In an announcement Wednesday night, the wellness section said water h2o sampling conducted Tuesday determined that respective formation areas adjacent the Hyperion works exceeded authorities standards for bacteria successful water.

The section advised radical to beryllium cautious of swimming, surfing and playing successful water waters astir discharging tempest drains, creeks, and rivers successful the affected areas.

The wellness section connected Wednesday said that nary sewage is presently being discharged from the Hyperion works into the water -- but that bacterial levels often fluctuate from time to time and tin beryllium impacted by caller rain.

Lifeguards person posted yellowish advisory signs.

Affected beaches are:

  • El Segundo Beach astatine the Grand Avenue tempest drain (Near Dockweiler Tower 60)
  • Dockweiler State Beach astatine Ballona Creek (near Dockweiler Tower 40);
  • Culver Blvd tempest drain; Hyperion Plant outfall; Imperial Highway tempest drain (Dockweiler Tower 56); Westchester tempest drain; and World Way extension.

Other beaches besides nether advisory include:

  • Santa Monica Pier successful Santa Monica
  • Montana Ave. tempest drain astatine Santa Monica Beach (Santa Monica North Tower 8)
  • Wilshire Boulevard tempest drain astatine Santa Monica Beach (Santa Monica North Tower 12)
  • Temescal Canyon tempest drain astatine Will Rogers State Beach
  • Avalon Beach astatine Catalina Island (50 feet eastbound of the pier)

These advisories are precise apt owed to day-to-day fluctuations successful water h2o bacteria levels.

Additionally, nationalist wellness workers person initiated door-to-door outreach to the assemblage impacted by the plant's odors and volition proceed this enactment done Friday.

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